Nanshy Brushes

January 7, 2015

Nashy Brushes

Over the past few months I have been trying some new makeup brushes out and I have quickly realised what my favourites are, they are of course the Nanshy Brushes.

Nanshy Brushes are infamous among the beauty blogger community and it’s been easy for me to see why. Their quality is amongst the best I have EVER tried and believe me when I say I have tried an awful lot over the years.

When I received these the first thing that I noticed was how incredibly soft yet dense they are. I’ll admit I had a few moments of stroking them over my checks.

Nashy Brushes Nashy Brushes Nashy Brushes Nashy Brushes

Not only do they feel great and look the part, they also work like a dream come true. They apply makeup so beautifully (without any bristle loss) and I find the end result is 10 times better than when I use other brushes. They are simply perfect in every way!

I have 5 Nanshy Brushes in my collection so far which are:

A01 Blush and Bronze – £9.95
R01 Buffed Base – £9.95
F01 Flawless Foundation – £9.95
EB04 Blending Eyeshadow – £5.95
EB06 Tapered Crease – £5.95

I’ve really enjoyed trying these brushes out and can’t wait to add some more to my collection, I have my eyes on the EB02 Angled Detailer and the P01 Conceal Perfector.

I also love that all the Nanshy Brushes are cruelty free and 100% vegan.

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  • Reply Naomi

    I love my nanshy eye brushes. Lovely post!

  • Reply Emma Watterington

    These look amazing! my brushes (won’t say what brand) keep shedding hairs while I do my makeup, really need to get new ones!! xxx

  • Reply Megan Jones

    These brushes look like such good quality. Might get some to do my Makeup Artist course with 🙂

  • Reply bekka

    Love your new watermark! These brushes are great. I have the Flawless Foundation and Buffed Base xx

  • Reply Amelia Beaumont

    Oooo…cruelty free and 100% vegan brushes that don’t shed hairs…YES PLEASE!! xxx

  • Reply Collective Beauty Girl

    Wonderful post and photos! Also have to agree with Bekka, that watermark is great xxx

  • Reply Kirsty Mills

    In some serious need of new brushes right here!! These look so fluffy x

  • Reply Amy marks

    They are such great quality!

  • Reply Emilia

    love how they’re vegan xxx

  • Reply Courtney

    These look so nice! I’ve read so any great things about this brand and I can see why people rave about them! x

  • Reply Anna

    These look so soft. Great review x

  • Reply Lisa Marcella

    Love these brushes. In fact I just order a few more. I agree with everything you said about them, they are so good. xxxx

  • Reply Zoe Clark


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