Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo can cure dandruff

October 6, 2018

Dandruff can be a problem for everyone’s scalp, finding an effective solution may take a long time, especially when conventional shampoos do not give long-lasting results.

About,  I have found that it is addressed to men and women, having a simple but effective formula with a typical male fragrance. The manufacturer and some users claim that the effects are seen from the first use, resulting in a reduction in the occurrence of dandruff and its presence.

It has a semi-liquid texture that makes a lot of foam, invigorating and refreshing the scalp, leaving it spotless thanks to magnesium, zinc, and pyrithione. Also, the tea tree extract soothes irritations and itching, leaving the head’s head revitalized and slightly fragrant.

For women, a loved assortment, which contains a patented complex that acts at the level of scalp skin scaling, slowing the growth of the Malassezia mushroom, which is responsible for the appearance of dandruff. It can be used as a treatment, three times a week for three weeks, after which it can reduce the frequency of washing up to 1 – 2 within seven days.

To help prevent problem recurrence, it also works as a sebum regulator, while active kerato-regulatory agents help remove existing signs of dandruff, calming the scalp. Moreover, as the formula has a subtle smell, it can be used by children (older than three years) and male adults, as well as being active, according to online reviews.

Solutions for Summer

With the start of the warm season, your hair will need some changes in the cosmetics used for its care, especially if you experience problems such as dandruff or excess sebum on the scalp.

Some shampoos contain natural ingredients, including oils (wheat germ, cumin, geraniol, linalool), which balances the skin structure, as well as salvia, pans, and bio forest wood extract, whose role is to stimulate and equilibrate epithelial cells and hair structure.

Being a light formula, it will not load the follicles, leaving behind a pleasant aroma of rosemary and Cocoa oil. From the available information, we also found that it does not contain silicones or tensides that exacerbate the appearance of dandruff, nor fragrances of synthetic origin, mineral oil, dyes or chemical preservatives that cause irritation or allergies. Moreover, if the ethical aspect is of interest to you, learn that the product has not been tested on animals.

The other kit, which contains shampoo, correction bottle, and ampoules, provides complete scalp care with irritation and dandruff, according to the information found. This treatment set helps to rejuvenate hair, leaving it soft, comfortable to discard, and stronger.

From what we could find out, climbazole (inhibiting the growth of fungi responsible for the appearance of dead skin flakes), piroctone olamine and zirconium pyrite, which have a combat action on dandruff, the shampoo also has an anti-microbial, antifungal and calming effect on the scalp. The serum in the kit acts as peeling and delicately removes any residue and bacteria, moisturizing and restoring the average pH value. Of course, the formula does not lack the nettle, known demineralizing and anti-inflammatory element. See this.

So when you go to the dermatologist, you will get a whole set of care – antistress care, avoiding contamination. All these corrections are for life. So do not think you washed a month with an anti-shampoo shampoo and cured yourself of seborrheic dermatitis. No, for months, you have to work to lower your pussy and resist better at higher pressure, because that’s all the problem here – because that’s stress, a predisposing condition. Generally, dermatological treatments are treatments that get you out of the attack. However, you’ll stay on pharmacy shampoos for years.

How can dermatologist help you?

The dermatologist can diagnose whether it is seborrheic dermatitis or not; if it is a mycotic or microbial supernova, it can give you specific dermatological treatment. There are some treatments including selenium and zinc to make you less scratch, it can give you local medical treatments, but only if the shampoos you took away from the pharmacy are not enough. Because all local action mechanisms have short deadlines. Then there is an auto-allergy and all these phenomena resume. The antifungal breaks the circle that means clogging – proliferation – breaks the gland and sebum is poured into the tissue, it is irritating and then it actually eats you.

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