Nom Bars

November 25, 2014

Nom nom nom nom… Oh hi there! Don’t mind me, just munching on a delicious Nom Bar.

If like me, you like to nibble on delicious and nutritious snacks to keep hunger at bay then my goodness are you in for a treat with these overly delectable Nom Bars.

Nom Bars

With main ingredients such as oats, coconut oil, agave nectar, coconut palm nectar, oat bran, cacao nibs it easy to see how healthy yet yummy these flavoursome bites are.

There are currently three flavours of Nom Bars: Original, Banana and Cacao & Raspberry. They all start off with the ingredients I’ve shown above but to make each one delightfully unique you’ll also find these banana chips (in the Banana flavour) and freeze dried raspberries and cacao powder (in the Cacao & Raspberry flavour).

I love that these are you pure in both ingredients and flavour without having any added nasty’s. You’ll find nothing but good-for-you plant based ingredients that have been grown without exploiting animals, people or the planet!

Let’s a take a closer look at those yummy flavours:


Nom Bars

The Original Nom Bars show you that purity can be a wonderful thing. In this bar you get the flavour of the oats but also a nice creaminess from the coconut with a very light hint of cacao at the end of each mouthful.


Nom Bars

Again we get that yummy oaty-ness but we also get a beautiful hint of sweet banana.

Cacao & Raspberry

Nom Bars

The Cacao & Raspberry Nom Bars are without a doubt my fave. I love the mix of zing from the raspberries and dark smoothness from the cacao. These mixed with that coconut oil…it’s just heaven!

All bars have a lovely chewy texture without the added jaw ache (which is a big plus right!).

I also just want to add how colourful and cute the packaging is. I love the brightness!

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  • Reply bekka

    You’re right about the packaging! It really pops out, that logo is so cute too! The banana sounds lovely..yum yumm x

  • Reply FitNHealthy

    These are amazing. I use them before workouts and they give such a good slow release of energy!! Love your fitness posts 🙂

  • Reply Little Miss Makeup

    Mmm..guilt free snaking!!!

  • Reply Maddy

    I love these. The Original is the best as the coconut flavour is really strong. YUM!

  • Reply Amber L

    Nom nom indeed!!

  • Reply Jasmine

    These sounds so yumm!

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