Online Gaming as a Socialization Tool – Meet new friends in a safe and fun way

August 13, 2014

The problem with trying to make new acquaintances online is the inherent danger we all face. It’s little wonder that people are very hesitant to even talk to others online under a pseudonym. We’ve already the horror stories about identity theft and computer viruses etc., and for the non-techie Mum trying to meet other Mums in a safe way – this can be a bit of a worry.

Also, the sites and people that claim to be safe may not always be so. After – all, they would say that if they weren’t really safe but were masquerading as being so. Or as Mandy Rice Davis once famously said during the “Scandal” trial of the early 60s; “well ‘ee would say that wouldn’t ‘ee!?”

As for taking things to the next level and agreeing to meet someone physically who you’ve got to know online – well for most sensible young Mums that would just be a complete no-no.

But there are some ways you can meet new friends in a safe and fun way and one of them is by going to a tried and trusted games site with a solid reputation and a good social or community area. If you click here to play online bingo, for example, you’ll soon see what we mean. Costa Bingo is a fully licensed British online bingo website with a great chat room facility on its site. This is the site that sponsors former “Scary” Spice Girl Mel B and uses her in its adverts etc.


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If you enjoy playing online bingo in your spare time (and a lot of Mums do) then it’s easy to make new friends on the site and there’s a chat room moderator to make sure everything is polite and the chat is kept at a nice level.

Lots of other online bingo and other types of games sites have similar chat rooms and this can be a nice and safe way of exchanging views and having a chat while you play on your mobile or tablet etc., whenever you’re lucky enough to get a few minutes yourself. It’s particularly good for those of us with very young children who can’t always leave the house – when junior is having a nap for example.

Online bingo may not be everyone’s cup of tea and you may prefer something far more intellectually challenging. But for many busy Mums, the last thing we want to be doing in our rare downtimes is concentrating hard on something. The fact that bingo is kind of mesmeric and doesn’t require much concentration is a positive bonus in other words! In fact, with many online bingo sites, you don’t even have to mark the numbers off – as the website does that for you automatically while you play. So if you happen to take a nap yourself – it’s no problem!

But it can be a safe way of meeting new people in a similar situation to yourself if that’s what you’re looking for.

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