Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence Premier Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell Mask

November 9, 2015

As I write this post, I am snuggled on the sofa in a cosy dressing gown and fluffy slippers while sporting a light and creamy face mask by the name of the Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence Premier Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell Mask (wow that’s a mouthful – I’ll just shorten that from now on alright).

Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence Premier Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell Mask
As I mentioned, it’s light and creamy but feels so rich and luxurious on the skin. Starting off white the mask turns clear when left to work its magic over the 10 minutes you’ll instructed to leave in on for. Having a little rub on my jaw line my skin feels baby soft and really smooth and that’s only after about 5 minutes of wear.

The Oolaboo Truffle Indulgence Mask, along the rest of the Truffle indulgence line contains a high-quality blend of nutrients (white truffle, Swiss apple and tomato extract as well as other natural active ingredients). It’s been based on stem cell technology and effectively works to reduce wrinkles and lines while protecting you skins stem cells.

Lastly (because of course there was no way I could leave this out) OMG does it smell freaking amazing. Its chocolate mixed with caramel and hints of macadamia nut. It’s utterly delicious and oh so indulgent (guessing that’s where the name come from).

So, I’ve just washed the mask off. It’s actually been on for 22 minutes but no worries. My skin is literally glowing. It looks so fresh, bright and plump. It feels amazing to the touch and that yummy scent has lingered around, not that I’m going to moan about that now am I?

Go check out Oolaboo and everything they offer. If you want to read about the Oolaboo mission and story you can find it all in my post here.

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  • Reply Sophie Jones

    White truffle… WOW!

  • Reply Eliyse

    Sounds so luxurious. Would love to try this out. x

  • Reply Emma

    I’ve never heard of this brand but I think I’ll have to check it out!


  • Reply Maxine Roadden

    Sounds wonderful. Like the black packaging. Looks so sleek. x

  • Reply Charlotte Magraw

    Looks great!

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