Our First Month Of Breastfeeding

August 2, 2012

Amelia has been exclusively breastfeeding for 1 month now and I have to say it’s been amazing. I love being able to provide food for my baby and see her contented smile as she snuggles into my breast after feedings. But I can say it’s not been without its challenges…


From day one Amelia has loved the boob. There have been times where she has wanted it quicker than it comes and times where my boobs have been so full that it’s made it a little difficult for her to latch. However, we took our time and worked together and now all of that is history. She just pops right on without any worry now. I guess it’s because she knows she’ll get what she wants if she does it right.

She tends to get rather excited when the boobs come out, her eyes brighten, she starts grunting (that doesn’t sound nice but I mean a cute grunt – if there is such a thing) and trashes her head around to get on me as quickly as she can.


Ok so I really haven’t had any problems with painful nipples or breasts but I did get a little sore during the end of week 2. I think it’s because Amelia would bite down before she had latched properly, she just wanted to get the milk right away. I just had to make sure she kept her mouth open whiling latching. I also used an incredible nipple cream which worked wonders and stopped me from getting sore, read more here.


Leaking isn’t really a problem as I can wear breast pads although it would be nice to not have to wear them. Going back to when Amelia latches, she sometimes likes to lick me first (and I mean LICK..like a cat drinking cream) which makes me leak loads of milk resulting in a huge mess where we are both covered in milk and extremely sticky. Other than that I only really tend to leak a little at night when I lay on my side and there is pressure on my boob or if I get too hot (especially in the shower).

I’m really pleased with how our breastfeeding journey is going so far and I hope in continues to be something we both enjoy. I really love the time it gives us together and I know it’s best for Amelia.

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  • Reply Melissa : ) @ Figuring it Out as we Grow

    Breatfeeding my babies was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. The bond that you get is priceless! Stopped by from the TGIF blog hop and will be leaving a follower.

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    Hi Melissa.

    Thanks for stopping by, I popped over and had a look at your site and I will keep following it. If you come back on the 14th I will be hosting a giveaway for $200 worth of organic face and body products.

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