Overcoming Your Roadblocks To A More Active Life #AchievementForAll

February 2, 2017


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We’ve finally made it February and by this point, the resolutions have been abandoned or are starting to wear a bit thin. As good as our intentions can be there always seems to be something that gets in the way, from what to do with the kids while you’re at yoga to finding an activity suitable for your physical needs.

Mobility Nationwide have a new campaign that celebrates incredible athletes that have taken part in Paralympic Games and proven that sport and getting active are for absolutely everyone, no matter what challenges you face. Below are some top tips for inspiring you to get out of the house, get your blood pumping and make 2017 your year of adventure.

Challenge- I have no motivation
Solution – People, just like water, take the path of least resistance. If you struggle with motivation, you probably find any excuse to avoid the exercise you signed up for – I’m too hungry after work. I had a long day. I don’t have time to have breakfast after a workout.

There are solutions for each of these, but you have to plan your own path of least resistance to make this work.

  • If you’re too tired after work to exercise, then go before.
  • If you’re hungry, schedule in a substantial afternoon snack.
  • If you don’t have time for breakfast, make it the night before.

Of course, you need to ask yourself if you have no motivation because you don’t want to do it at all. If this is the case, then get exploring the classes in the local area. You’ll find something that’s fun that will make you want to get up and go.

Challenge – I have childcare issues
Solution – This is a difficult one. You might be a single parent or perhaps your other half works odd hours and can’t help. Know you’re not alone in this, and because of that, there are things to help.

  • Check out the kids classes available at your gym. This is especially useful if you use a gym run by your local authority. They get a hobby and you get to do your thing while they’re there.
  • Look for a kid friendly gym. Yes, there are even some gyms that offer children’s memberships (with your supervision) so the whole family can work out.
  • Find workout classes that take place in the local park. This means you can get fit and the kids can stay nearby. You may find you’re not the only one who does this meaning your young’uns get to make friends too.

Ultimately, you may find home workouts the way to go, but don’t give up on your fitness goals outside the house.And don’t forget days out walking, swimming, climbing and playing all count in the fitness stakes.

Challenge – I have specific physical needs
Solution – There are a lot of people who have visible or invisible conditions. This can vary widely, from Fibromyalgia to paralysis. After adapting to living with a condition, many find they want to discover activity and exercise again and you might be surprised just what there is to offer.

  • There are a wheelchair sports leagues all over the country. This might be more difficult to find in rural areas though, but if you’re near a city – get on the court!
  • There are accessible gyms popping up all over the country and thanks to campaigning, more gyms are altering their facilities, so have a look online to find one near you.
  • If you find yourself restricted to the house a lot, you can start small with stretches or light workouts at home. Make sure you get the go ahead from a medical professional, but this is a great start to improving your activity levels and you health.

You are the expert when it comes to your wants and needs, so don’t let other people’s assumption of your ability level put you off. You can always start slow, which will feel better than not starting at all.

These are just a few challenges people face when it comes to getting active, so whether these apply to you or not, I hope you’ve found a bit of inspiration for getting over your fitness roadblocks.

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