Parental Paradise: How to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis of Calm

December 18, 2013

At the end of a busy day, there is nothing better than shutting your bedroom door on the world and retreating into your very own peaceful domain – but how can you achieve that when trying to run a family home?



In these increasingly hectic days, everyone needs their very own bedroom oasis in order to recoup from the trials of everyday life. The rest of the house is decorated with the whole family in mind and the children’s bedrooms are tailored to their own tastes so it’s vital that parents pamper themselves too. Bedrooms are the ideal space in which to do that.



Many parents are too busy to spend a lot of time searching for inspiration for their ideal bedroom. The internet has a whole host of innovative ideas and all you’ll have to do is visit the website of Betta Living for some great style ideas.

Some people opt for a fitted bedroom and this does make life a little easier. You can always put your own stamp on a room with accessories and soft furnishings if you find this option a little plain.



Soft pastels are very relaxing and you can always hang a good quality print or an original painting should you wish to introduce some colour to the walls. You could even enhance your pastel walls with some wonderfully exuberant lighting systems.



A chaise lounge or a sofa in a bedroom is always a good idea. Sometimes it’s important to have a place to sit in order to start the process of unwinding. Aromatic candles can also be a very soothing touch.

As well as additional seating, make sure that your wardrobe can fit all your clothes and if you share your bedroom with a partner, insist on separate wardrobes to keep everything organised.

If you don’t want to have additional chests of drawers, make sure your wardrobe contains internal shelves for woollen clothes and drawers for underwear.


Dressing table

If you’re going to have a dressing table, ensure that it blends in with the rest of the décor. The lighting in this area should be strong enough to use for makeup application and give you a real celeb-inspired look.



A good music system will help you unwind and you’ll be able to control it if you install a panel close to the bed. Once your perfect oasis is complete, you’ll have a better chance of facing each new day feeling restored and able to cope with the demands of your busy life.


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