Post Workout Yoghurt Topped With Yumminess!

February 13, 2014

When I say ‘post workout’ what i actually mean is that I ate this a few nights ago at about 10 pm so it was more of a late night snack but I would definitely eat eat post workout as it just hits the spot and the protein boost from it is great.

Post Workout Yoghurt

What’s In The Bowl I Hear You Say?

Plain Greek Yoghurt
Agave Nectar (over the yoghurt and under everything else)
1 Banana
1 Mint/Chocolate One Whey Protein Bar from Fitnessguru
A drizzle of Organic Almond Butter (on top for the banana)

You can lay it all in the bowl however you want but I like to make mine look pretty (even though it’s just going to be devoured) and then enjoy! OMG it was so good 🙂

Post Workout Yoghurt

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  • Reply Gemma

    Oh wow this looks wonderful! Mint Chocolate and Banana – yum yum x

  • Reply Martin

    Love making yoghurt bowls like this but I always add lots of fruit. Really like the idea of adding a protein bar and that one looks great. My other half made an order to Fitnessguru after seeing your last post so I think i’ll be nabbing on of her bars and making this! 😉

    • Reply Lorraine

      I’m sure she won’t mind if you make a bowl for her too!

  • Reply James

    DELISH..!! Send some my way please.

  • Reply Maria Snell

    Yum Yum…how do you think it would be with added cottage cheese into the yoghurt part? Just for even more of a protein kick..?

    • Reply Lorraine

      Good question! I’m sure it would be wonderful with Cottage Cheese mixed into the yoghurt. You could even mix in on of Fitnessguru’s yummy protein powders! 😉

  • Reply hannah

    So glad I grabbed your feed last week. Can’t wait to try this out tonight after work and gym! Thanks x

  • Reply Jack

    Love greek yoghurt and I’m always on the hunt for new ways to eat it. Great combo on the banana and almond butter by the way. Keep the posts coming.

    • Reply Lorraine

      Tell me about it Jack. I can’t get enough Banana and Almond Butter.

  • Reply Aaron

    Jag älskar fitnessguru barer och äta dem i alla fall jag kan. underbart recept!

  • Reply Börge

    Aaron berättade om din blogg. Jag följer dig. Bra jobbat!

  • Reply Rose

    Oooo…looks so yummy!

  • Reply katarzyna

    Just got back from 2 hours at the gym to make this and wow was it good! I used the Gingerbread One Whey Bar though 🙂

  • Reply Hannah

    This is such a wonderful blog. Just read your review on the Urban Decay Lipglosses. It’s a really great read!! Just added you to my feed so I can follow your blog 🙂 You have such lovely little children. Can’t wait to read through all your posts.

  • Reply Matthew

    Oh wow that looks good.

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