Pregnancy Week 36

May 27, 2012

I’m 36 weeks pregnant today and feeling great!

Baby girl is doing well and although she quickly running out of room she still manages to practice what seems like Tae-Kwon-Do. She is still head down and very low, so low that I feel like a bowling ball is about to drop out of me (sorry if that’s tmi).

I have a midwife appointment on Wednesday so it will be good to see how things are with the protein that was showing in my urine last time. I keep freaking myself out thinking it’s the start of pre eclampsia, staring at my hands and face to see if they look swollen. I really doubt it’s good for me to think like that but it’s ALL I can think about sometimes.

On a really good note my Platelet count is now back to normal with the last test result being 233,000 so I am thrilled about that. Just puts my mind at ease in such a big way.

I have been wanting ice pops so much the week. I don’t know if it’s because of the heatwave we are now getting or if it’s the thing some women get where they just crave ice when they are nearly due to have their babies.

Something a little exciting, well for me anyway. I’m upgrading to a new DSLR and I’m super excited about it. Luke will of course end up being my guinea pig before baby comes so be prepared for lots of photo posts.

Oh guess what…..we decided on a name for baby girl…YEY!!!!


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