Pregnancy Week 38

June 11, 2012

I’m 38 weeks and 1 day today. It’s weird to think that my due date is in 13 days. I feel like this entire pregnancy has gone by so fast and now it’s nearly over I don’t know where the time has gone.

Sleep is getting hard now, My sides and hips hurt plus I have to pee all the time again (seems like I’m going every hour or two). I keep waking up on my right side and having to heave myself over the lay correctly and I can’t breath if I’m on my back.

Still not having any heartburn which I am more than happy about. Will seems to be getting that for me, the poor guy!

Something a little odd, I don’t know if it’s just hormones but about 3 times a day my heart will just start racing and I feel really dizzy, my blood pressure is fine, well, it is when I’m seeing my midwife. I guess it could be spiking now and then. I will talk to my midwife about it again when I see her on Wednesday.

I’m getting lots and I mean LOTS of Braxton Hicks every day. They are still uncomfortable but I have also had some pain with them. No idea if this means baby girl will show up early or not. Would be nice for her to come a few days before her due date though. I just can’t wait to hold her now, thinking about it makes my eyes fill up so I have  a feeling I’ll be crying when she’s born. I have found myself standing in her room just staring at her Moses Basket and all of her colourful cloth diapers.

Our pram system arrived on Thursday and we decided to open it yesterday to find that one of the handles where broken so we had to take it back to the store where they ordered us a new one for delivery this Tuesday. Hopefully this one will be alright. I know it’s not that much of a deal as it was easily sorted but it was just such an annoyance and having the hormonal imbalance that I do right now it really got to me!

I’m still waiting on my camera as delivery has been delayed. They say it will be here this Thursday (16th). I just hope baby girl doesn’t show herself before it gets here.

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