Prettiest wallpaper for little girls

November 19, 2015

When it comes to redecorating your home, selecting wallpaper for your children’s bedroom always proves to be more difficult than choosing wallpaper for your own. While we, as parents, can be flexible and open-minded in our selections, our children go through much more radical phases of trend obsession, meaning that wallpaper for children’s rooms really must stand the test of time if you’re to avoid changing it within a year.

So if we approach this from the perspective of a little girl – what are some of the prettiest wallpaper styles available for her bedroom for the long haul?

Animals and nature

wallpaper for little girls
You can’t go wrong with anything from the animal kingdom. From exquisitely detailed illustrations to quirky and colourful cartoon designs, there is a type of animal-themed wallpaper that every little girl can enjoy (and may also prove a good substitute for a real pony for a while!). Trips to the zoo will always be more fun too as your daughter begins to recognise the wild animals from her bedroom walls.

Nature encompasses more of the floral and wildlife wallpaper designs as opposed to hurtling horses, enormous elephants, and dancing dolphins. The best option for young girls in this respect is an array of brightly coloured flowers or butterflies; nature that brings the warmth of summer all year round.


wallpaper for little girls
Patterns are everywhere, and can take absolutely any form, shape, or size. If your little girl is more interested in what is actually placed on her bedroom walls, rather than the actual wall coverings, patterned wallpaper may be the way to go. Just ensure it fits with the existing colour scheme and colours that she likes.

Whereas many modern children’s wallpaper designs draw all the focus in a child’s bedroom, patterned designs shift the emphasis off of the actual wallpaper itself, and provide a brilliant backdrop for all bedroom furniture, posters, and picture frames. This is also the sort of children’s wallpaper that is most likely to stand the test of time.


What can be said about little girls and Disney that hasn’t been said before? It is a match made in heaven, where the belief that dreams do come true, and living as a princess, have formed the basis of many happy childhoods for little girls all over the world for many, many years.

Such is the power of a brand like Disney, it may just be responsible for your daughter having her heart set on a particular wallpaper and refusing to acknowledge anything else. Fortunately, she may find it easier to sleep surrounded by a real wall mural of her favourite Disney characters and princesses, providing a pretty and comfortable setting for her to also play as well as sleep.

For a range of stunning wallpapers encompassing all colour schemes and all sorts of funky and subtle patterns, visit Monument Interiors today. We also house a great collection of children’s wallpaper with samples available before you purchase.

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    Love some of these. I’dc love to wallpaper my downstairs loo but really hate putting wallpaper up :/

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    nice decoration! can i use it for my little baby boy?

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