Purple Sisko Spotty Padded Playpen Mat By Baby Boum

August 7, 2012

I just wanted to share a find with you that I think is great for babies big and small.

We don’t have a playpen for Amelia but when I saw this I thought it looked like it would make a great play mat and it really does. It’s really padded and thick so she can play without feeling the hard floor beneath her. It’s an awesome colour (well I think so anyway), I just love the green and purple together. It’s pretty big so when Amelia is older and trying to sit up or crawl she will be much safer than if she just had a normal sized play mat (ones I like seem to be really small).

It doesn’t have any toys on it but them again we have another one for that. I just like how she can look around while laying on this one. She doesn’t have distraction from things hanging above her or her body making bits crinkle and/or play music. We can give her a toy to look at and touch (she’s starting to do that now) and she can have a good kick around while looking around or watching us.

As you can see, she loves it!!

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