Put a Ring On It: Rings That are All the Rage this Season

September 30, 2015

Nothing completes an ensemble quite like good ring. Rings are one of those little fashion items that can often go unnoticed but can also make all the difference when putting together an outfit. Whether big or small, the difference is always huge, and there are few things more satisfying than the weight and security that comes with wearing just the right ring. When chosen properly, a stylish, quality ring can say a lot about both you and your style.


One of the greatest things about shopping for rings is how many amazing pieces you can find without ever having to break the bank. Whether you’re looking for silver or gold, smart shoppers know how to spend on accessories. These are a few of my picks for the most fashionable rings for fall and how to rock them for the season.

Vintage & Vintage Inspired Rings

It might be a good time to dust off your mum’s old jewellery box because vintage and vintage-inspired rings are back in a big way. This guide on 2015 styles from the Zoe Report notes that vintage is definitely in for this year. The word is out that ’70s style is the big trend for fall and that goes for jewellery, too. Consider taking a trip to a few consignment shops and antique stores to find some bargain-price buried treasure. Try to hit an estate sale or two for some old-school accessories with vintage style.

Cabochon Rings

While we’re on the subject of vintage rings, Cabochons are also big this year, and not just when it comes to their stones. They’re a terrific way to make a statement with an accessory and the smooth, polished gems have become very popular, especially with the previously mentioned trend for vintage jewellery. The huge round sapphires and moonstones make strong statements without breaking the bank. If you can find a vintage piece, consider yourself lucky.

Midi Rings

Midi rings are a small accessory making a big impact this season. The thin rings can be stacked and arranged in any number of ways to complement just about any look. I found a lot of inspiration at this page on ring styles on Lyst with loads of options (and budgets) for different midi ring pairings. Additionally, this InStyle piece on must-have jewelry trends notes that rose gold is the metal of the season, so try combining multiple metals for a very fashion-forward look for fall.

Go Big or Go Home

If the folks at Fashionisers are to be believed, the name of the game with rings is either about going all out or keeping things very minimal with one bold statement. The blog recommends trying multiple rings on the same hand with various styles like the aforementioned stacked midi rings. Then, add other diverse pieces to bring some haute couture to your hands. Otherwise, less is always more and you’d be better off picking just one ring that makes a bold statement with your outfit.

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