Saving money when installing a new shower

October 8, 2019

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, your choice of bathroom fixtures and fittings will be a major part of your planning. Nothing is more refreshing and relaxing than a good shower and having the right one installed is a great investment for your households use in the years to come. If your bathroom renovation project is on a tight budget it is well worth saving money when installing a new shower by thoroughly researching your options and the benefits of installing a good quality shower.

Remember saving water equals saving money!

The cost of purchasing and installing a new shower can be offset by the savings you make with energy and water economy over time. Showering is certainly a great way of saving on water, with a 4 minute shower using only 32 litres of water versus 100 litres for a bath. With water rates and metering only rising, a well designed shower can save a household up to £200 annually.

Consideration for your choice of shower.

Choosing a great value shower system is not simply a matter of price but the type of shower unit or system that will provide the best value for your property. There are number of types you need to be aware of to evaluate where you can best be saving money when installing a new shower.

  • Electric showers use an electrical heating element to heat water on demand when you take your shower. They operate independently of other water heating systems in your property and simply run on cold water which is heated up to your desired temperature. Integral pumps can also adjust flow rate. If used well they can be economical but often have high start-up and installation costs. Eco variants can halve water consumption.
  • Power showers are an ideal solution for low pressure household. They pump the water to your shower under pressure. They may rely on your mains hot water or utilise electricity to heat the water to your desired temperature.
  • Mixer showers use the domestic hot and cold water supply to provide your shower water at the temperature you desire. Clearly this shower system is dependent on your existing hot water supply, but tend to be cheaper and simpler to install.
  • Thermostatic showers provide peace of mind if you have a busy household where water is used in different places simultaneously. These showers are engineered to maintain their set temperature even if there is a sudden use of water elsewhere.

Selecting the best type of shower system for your requirements will provide long term savings of either water or energy consumption. Thinking beyond the immediate cost of your shower system and its installation will probably provide the best savings long term.

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