Serenata Flowers Review and Giveaway

January 19, 2015

I recently told you about my love for flowers and it’s seemed to work its way round the web and come back to me with a ton of requests from floral companies. One of which really stood out to me, Serenata Flowers.

Serenata Flowers

When I received the email from Serenata Flowers I automatically googled their website and scrolled through all the stunning flowers they offer and then my eyes fell on the Pinterest worthy Cinnamon Spice Flowers, which contains some seriously beautiful flowers and extras such as Red Baron Hypericum, Cherry Brandy Roses, Safari Sunset Leucadendron, dried Orange slices, Cinnamon sticks, sugar coated Golden Pears, Cinerea greens and Salal tips. They all come in a stunning glass black cube which can be reused time and time again.

Serenata Flowers Serenata Flowers Serenata Flowers

They arrived packaged in a large box with an inner section to keep to flowers safe during transport. Even before opening them I knew I would love them from the wonderful scent coming from the box. It was just like standing in a flower shop!

These have been the in the center of our table for weeks and some of the flowers are still as perfect as they day they came.

If you too love flowers and would like to win some of your very own, Serenata Flowers are kindly giving the chance for one lucky reader to win some beautiful flowers of their choice. So, if you’d like a chance of winning just enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The giveaway will finish on Friday 30th January and the winning entry will be verified thereafter. You can enter by logging into the Rafflecopter through Facebook or by using your name and email. (Please use your real name and e-mail as this is how I will be contacting the winner!) For more chances to win make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, InstagramBloglovin and Pinterest if you use them.

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  • Reply Tracey Peach

    My Favourite Flower IS The Rose Because It’s Beautiful & Comes In So Many Colours , & Fragrances xxx

  • Reply Abbie Webb

    What a gorgeous bouquet! I recently found a plant/ flower named after my 5 year old daughter, I stumbled across it one day. It is a Miss Tilly plant – a green bud that grows in a balloon shape and eventually pops into the most gorgeous purple/blue flower and the colour is so vibrant and striking.
    Our little girl pops up and surprises us all the time and it makes me smile every time I see one.

  • Reply pete c


  • Reply janine atkin

    i love roses

  • Reply Angie Hoggett

    romantic red roses 🙂

  • Reply R Weeks

    I love roses, with yellow roses being my absolute favourite!

  • Reply Jazz

    My favourite flower is the long, elegant lily – so pretty!

  • Reply Tracy K Nixon

    I love freesias

  • Reply Fiona K


  • Reply Angela Fitzjohn

    Love In A Mist, I can’t remember what the correct name is but they are a beautiful blue colour, so pretty.

  • Reply Emma Nixon


  • Reply Ashleigh Allan


  • Reply Margaret Akel

    Tulips are my favourite, so many wonderful colours

  • Reply Judith Allen (@JudeVFR400)

    Freesias for the scent, and also roses, though ones left growing on a rosebush seem to have more scent.

  • Reply kim neville

    I love Lillies

  • Reply claire nutman

    The stunning Lilies x

  • Reply Elaine Savage


  • Reply Kerry Charlesworth

    I love Lillies

  • Reply claire blaney

    for me its the rose there are so many beautiful ones nowadays its hard not to fall in love with them x

  • Reply Sue Menzies

    Carnations are my favourites x

  • Reply Debbie Gilbert

    Cream roses

  • Reply Mike Marsh

    Roses definitely

  • Reply jodie crossley


  • Reply Susan Sargent

    Love Red Roses

  • Reply elaine dale

    Iris as it’s my mams name

  • Reply Anne Bostwick

    A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  • Reply karen cowley

    I love a nice simple daffodil, must be the welsh in me x

  • Reply MichelleD

    I like Lillies!

  • Reply Julie Tift

    Fresias are my favourite because of their delicious scent.

  • Reply Zoe G

    Sunflowers, love how they brighten everything up

  • Reply Natasha M

    I love lillies

  • Reply Sarah Heath

    My favourite flowers are Freesias.



  • Reply lindsay chadburn

    i love lillies

  • Reply Paula Readings

    I like Lilly’s, but the smell is so strong it gives me a headache, so I have to admire them from afar.

  • Reply Janet T

    Ooh that’s difficult I like love so many I’ll say snowdrops because because they are the first to show themselves in the new year.

  • Reply KKatie Kingsbury

    I love Gerbera, they’re such happy looking flowers!

  • Reply aj


  • Reply Dawn Nash

    I love the look and smell of roses x

  • Reply Joy Portas


  • Reply Lyla


  • Reply Jenifer

    I love Tulips as the remind me of the spring – can’t wait to buy my first bouquet of the year! 🙂

    Jen xx

  • Reply Sara JaneG


  • Reply Stephanie Tsang

    My favourite flowers are lillies.

  • Reply Natasha Whenham

    Mine have always been tulips 🙂

  • Reply Christine Caple


  • Reply Fiona Paley


  • Reply Kay Broomfield

    My favourites are Stargazer Lilies

  • Reply Julie Savage

    My favourite flowers are Tulips especially Deep Purple (Black) ones

  • Reply tiggerific1973

    The simple carnation 🙂

  • Reply Chris Andrews

    Tell me what your favourite flower is…………freesias

  • Reply Alana Walker

    I love bluebells.x

  • Reply Kristen Bradley

    I love stocks. My mum’s favourite flowers as well as mine x


    i love to see poppies

  • Reply Jackie ONeill


  • Reply Lorraine Tinsley

    I love germini and lilies.

  • Reply lynn mitchell

    heather it reminds me of home

  • Reply Chrissie Curtis


  • Reply Julia mealing


  • Reply Carol

    Lovely yellow tea roses

  • Reply Miriam Said

    Snowdrops and carnations are my favourite flowers.

  • Reply Laura Pritchard

    I love sweetpeas.

  • Reply Harriet


  • Reply Mr C


  • Reply Paula Barker

    Daisies they always look so fresh

  • Reply Karen Barrett


  • Reply BEC F

    Sweat Pea

  • Reply Sue McCarthy

    Freesias, look beautiful & smell gorgeous

  • Reply Iona Cornish


  • Reply clair downham

    roses and lilies thankyou

  • Reply sian hallewell

    I love a lilly

  • Reply laura stewart

    i like Poppy’s

  • Reply Clair Candy

    I love Calla Lillies, they were my Dads favourite also x

  • Reply Rachel Craig

    Rose :- Looks Beautiful, available in many colours and varieties. Also beautiful scent /smell.

  • Reply Mrs Rachel Heap

    I love tulips

  • Reply Lynsey Buchanan

    I love Jasmine flowers

  • Reply Vanessa Cox


  • Reply Jill Webb

    I love lily of the valley fab smell

  • Reply Rachael G

    Roses are my favourite.

  • Reply Lyndsey Beckford

    My favourite is carnation

  • Reply Eva Appleby

    White Lillie’s and Jasmine

  • Reply kayleigh Bates


  • Reply rachel eades


  • Reply katie Kathurima

    I love blue and white roses

  • Reply eloise mccarthy

    I like Tulips 🙂

  • Reply samantha price

    carnations and dafidols

  • Reply Natalie Roberts

    I love gerbas.

  • Reply claire griffiths


  • Reply Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    I love carnations 🙂

  • Reply Jana Harwood


  • Reply jayne hall


  • Reply Michelle Banks

    i love tulips x

  • Reply Michelle Addy

    I love carnations

  • Reply maria blythin

    I love sweet peas and they are quite easy to grow x

  • Reply Kaci Soderstrom

    I like roses, but these are so pretty!

  • Reply Angela Sandhu


  • Reply Nat Thomason

    Scented roses

  • Reply KATHY D


  • Reply Jayne T

    I love daisies, thanks for the lovely giveaway. 🙂

  • Reply Geoff Dagger


  • Reply Kate Deakin

    It used to be gerberas (my husband once asked a florist for gerbils!) but these days its yellow roses.

  • Reply Rebecca Nisbet

    i love gerberas, love the variety of colours.

  • Reply Pauline Wilson

    I love roses, especially red and pink ones

  • Reply lynn heath

    I love snowdrops

  • Reply Wehaf

    I love hydrangeas!

  • Reply laura jayne bates

    lillies they smell lovley

  • Reply Barbara Bunning

    I love Poppies – but not great as cut flowers, so next best is Lillies – love how they make the whole room smell lovely

  • Reply Bobbie Minthull

    I love freesias. They smell so nice

  • Reply karen hutchinson

    dahlia – so colourful

  • Reply Jennifer Toal

    Roses and forget me nots

  • Reply Leanne Newsome

    White roses

  • Reply Emma Ellams

    Tulips, I love how much they remind me of spring!

  • Reply maggie ali

    I love carnations 🙂

  • Reply Paul Walsh

    I like roses as they are so beautiful and elegant

  • Reply Susan Joyce Rogers


  • Reply Rey Chunara


  • Reply donna l jones


  • Reply Emma Beckett


  • Reply Allan Wilson


  • Reply Tom Newman


  • Reply sarah stevens

    pink roses 🙂

  • Reply Victoria B

    My favourite flower is tulips

  • Reply Claire Nelson

    Sweet Williams

  • Reply Gwyn Sharps


  • Reply Gerri Tennant

    Alstroemerias are so lovely, they last for a long time in a vase and look very exotic although they grow in my garden.

  • Reply Ann Skamarauskas

    sunflowers, always make me happy

  • Reply claire woods


  • Reply Victoria Easton

    Carnations – at the moment!

  • Reply Stephanie Whitehouse

    Paeonies – in the garden or as cut flowers they are gorgeous

  • Reply Maureen Moss

    Lily of the valley

  • Reply kirsty webb


  • Reply Maxine G

    Snowdrops – they mean that spring is on the way!

  • Reply Kat Glynn

    Lillies x

  • Reply Hayley Gibson

    Calla Lillies (deep purple) or bird of paradise

  • Reply Kat Allinson

    I loce Lillies

  • Reply Keith Hunt

    Nice white roses

  • Reply Eileen Tingle

    I love chrysanthemums because they remind me of my late uncle and his allottment

  • Reply amanda davis


  • Reply Pam Francis Gregory

    I love roses

  • Reply Caroline Howard

    Daffodils, I’m having them for my spring wedding in april

  • Reply jodie yorke

    pink roses xx

  • Reply Maureen Quinnell

    Can’t resist roses

  • Reply Michelle. Orchard

    It would he Freesias, as they are beautiful and smell lovely

  • Reply Lucy carter

    Calla lily

  • Reply Robby Price

    A rose every time

  • Reply Katherine Coldicott

    I love Snowdrops, they are very pretty & delicate.

  • Reply linda e woodhams

    white lilies and pink carnations

  • Reply christine westlake


  • Reply @jamesmum15

    I love lillies. x

  • Reply Anneka Hulse

    my favorite is red roses

  • Reply sue alleyne


  • Reply Karen R

    My favourite flowers are snowdrops 🙂

  • Reply Katie Walker

    Lilies are my favourite especially star gazers.

  • Reply Kate Cass

    My favourite flower is Eryngium maritimum or Sea Holly. It was my Mums favourite flower she loved it after I had it in my wedding bouquet.

  • Reply Kerry Lethbridge

    Calla lillies are my favourite simple and elegant

  • Reply Tina L-D

    I love Lilies & Orchids

  • Reply Annmarie Jefferies

    I love Lillies

  • Reply Howard Young


  • Reply Laura Whittle


  • Reply jen jackson

    I love roses

  • Reply leanne weir

    romantic red roses

  • Reply Wendy Smith

    Beautiful scented freesias

  • Reply joanne liddement

    I love roses

  • Reply claire sen

    peonies, they’re so beautiful 🙂

  • Reply Claire D

    My favourite flowers are orchids

  • Reply Hazel Rea

    bluebells – nothing beats the sight and smell of a bluebell wood in Spring.

  • Reply Carol Phile


  • Reply Rebecca Powell


  • Reply Sheri Darby

    I love roses

  • Reply Chris Fletcher

    I love daffodils

  • Reply Debbie Preston


  • Reply HazelY

    I really love freesia – so colourful and such a divinc fragrance!

  • Reply Leanne Perrett

    my favorite is lillys

  • Reply rose p

    Has to be roses

  • Reply Sarah Buckley

    I love Gerberas – they’re so happy!

  • Reply Gwen Carter

    I love lilies -so elegant!

  • Reply dorothy cavender


  • Reply Lindsey Stuart

    I LOVE tiger lillies

  • Reply Julie Paton

    Sunflowers 🙂

  • Reply lorraine evemy

    Cant beat red roses,a classic bouquet that is always very well received xx

  • Reply claire matthews-curtis

    Tulips, Buts it’s hard to choose as I love must flowers. Always brights the house and the mood 🙂

  • Reply Maria Jane Knight

    I love Sunflowers – they are so bright and cheerful

  • Reply Kathleen Bywaters

    Stargazer Lillies, I can never have them in the house though as we have cats!

  • Reply Emma McCormack

    I love the fully opened roses.

  • Reply chirag p


  • Reply Amanda Botterill

    I love sweet peas

  • Reply Paul Fretwell

    Got to love Tulips

  • Reply Susanna Harvey

    I love roses of any colour as my precious granddaughter is called Katie Rose xx

  • Reply Gary Topley

    Daffodil x

  • Reply Michelle Ferguson

    I love gerberas

  • Reply Sarah Parker

    lily 🙂

  • Reply sarah mills


  • Reply Kirsty Woods

    The snow drop, so simple and pretty

  • Reply Lisa Wilkinson

    Violets after my little girl 🙂

  • Reply Laura Horton

    Roses are my favourite

  • Reply Barbara Handley

    Narcissus as it is the flower of my birth sign Sagittarius.

  • Reply victoria thurgood

    a daisy

  • Reply Sarah Gray

    Love love love orchids. x

  • Reply Jaime Hyland


  • Reply Natalie Gillham

    Roses 🙂

  • Reply Hayley Mulgrove

    I Love Roses, ♥

  • Reply Emily Jayne Phipps

    Sweet peas 🙂

  • Reply Ali Thorpe

    I love roses 🙂

  • Leave a Reply