Setting the Mood for Valentine’s Day with Shearer Candles

February 6, 2014

To me nothing say Valentines more than the soft flickering of a candle to help set the mood and what better than a rose scented candle? How about accompanying it with another scent in a different room (the bedroom perhaps?  What about Vanilla and Coconut..?

As you all know I LOVE me some candles, they are a big thing in our home and recently I have also started to obsess over reed diffusers too so I thought I’d take some time (while socking in the wonderful smell of roses) and share a few lovely items with you all and hopefully inspire you into how you too could set the mood for a romantic night with your loved one (or to just treat yourself).

Red Red Rose Whisky Goblet candle

Shearer Candles Red Red Rose Goblet Candle

Oh wow this is beautiful. Not only does the red red rose candle look stunning in its gold etched tartan glass tumbler it also has a wonderful scent and is also come packaged in a lovely gift box.

Close your eyes and imagine walking out into a garden full of roses after a springtime rainfall and you will be hitting the needle on the head with the scent.

The candle has a burn time of 40 hours and it does really throw it’s scent though so you only need it lit for a 2 hours at a time and the scent will linger for around another 4 hours which I think is pretty awesome!

Another thing I want to mention with this is that once you’ve used all the candle up I think the glass tumbler would make a wonderful little drinking glass or would look really pretty with some short stemmed flowers in it.

Vanilla and Coconut Reed Diffuser

Shearer Candles Vanilla and Coconut Reed Diffuser

Mmmm… I really (REALLY) like this diffuser. I’m a fan of vanilla and coconut so I’m pretty darn excited to have them combined.

The diffuser throws it scent really well. We’ve only had to use 3 of the sticks and even that gets a lovely strong smell (which fills about half of the house)

If you could only buy one this from Shearer Candles  the I’d definitely recommend this!!

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  • Reply Jessica Miller

    Oh that rose candle looks lovely. I bet it smells amazing. May have to drop hubby a few hints!

  • Reply Sarah Webb

    My hubby found this post the other day and and went out about bought me both of the items 🙂 Thanks so much for writing about them. x

  • Reply eCommerceCentric Ltd

    Have you tried the Shearer Amber Noir candles? An absolute favourite for us – makes our office smell great whenever they come in!

  • Reply Shearer Candles - Online

    […] in February I wrote a post about using Shearer Candles to set the mood for Valentines Day and now I have a few more of their wonderful candles to share. I have to admit I had another one […]

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