July 18, 2014

Shampooheads was designed and created by the Bell family with the aim to make children aware to personal hygiene though friendly characters.

On Sunday 16th September 2012, we appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den. Since then the company has went from strength to strength, we expanded our product range to include Bubble Baths for each of the 3 characters. Dr. Miriam Stoppard has joined the company as our resident childcare expert. We are now listed in Waitrose stores in the the UK and Coles in Australia.


Shampooheads offers children’s shampoos, conditioners, hair gel, detangler and bubble bath under 3 different ranges which have their names based on the Bell family’s children Annie, Rosie and Robert.

Awesome Annie – Strawberry scented


Awesome Annie has evolved as a role model for young children. She is trendy and cool and maintains the aura of a child whom all children look up to and follow.Nothing ever appears to go wrong for Awesome Annie and even when it does somehow she always manages to come out of an adventure smiling and pleasing everyone.

Awesome Annie is clever and bright and has many interests and hobbies. Awesome Annie is a beautiful ballerina yet can disco dance and roller skate like an expert. Everyone wants to be her friend.

There are currently 4 products available to buy in the Awesome Annie Range, ShampooBubble BathConditioner & Detangler.

Raging Rosie – Tropical fruit scented


Raging Rosie is a spirited little girl who shows her emotions openly. She is sensitive and sometimes worries about the world around her, she is afraid of many things including; dogs, insects and the dark.

Raging Rosie needs lots of reassurance and encouragement to experience new things and when she does, she blossoms with confidence. Raging Rosie is sometimes misunderstood in her adventures as she often fizzes with emotion before anyone can find out what is wrong. However being the lovable character she is, there is always a smile at the end of the day!

Everyone remembers Raging Rosie as underneath her expressive nature is a warm, caring and sensitive little girl!

There are currently 3 products available to buy in the Raging Rosie Range, ShampooBubble Bath, & Conditioner.

Busy Robert – Blueberry scented


Busy Bob is a busy little boy. He enjoys excitement and speed and always takes every opportunity given to him to accelerate and take it to its limits!

He is a physical character who is not often without a bike, scooter or a ball and his adventures more often than not include becoming quite messy and dirty.

Busy Bob is never still and is full of energy keeping busy playing all day long, he is a curious character who is adventurous and loves to explore the world around him.

There are currently 3 products available to buy in the Busy Bob Range, 3 in1 (Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash)Bubble Bath, & Crazy Hair Gel.

The fruit scented shampoos and conditioners boast some amazing scratch and sniff packaging (which Luke and Amelia love), the hair gel for boys is has a really strong hold without leaving the hair feel stiff or hard and the de-tangle spray contains a heat protection which is always a nice touch.

All Shampooheads products are Tear free, Dermatologically tested, Hypoallergenic and Paraben free.

With each product being just £2.99 (from Waitrose and Boots nationwide) children can enjoy bath-time while getting clean and smelling fruity.

Before I finish up, the lovely people at Shampooheads have setup an exclusive 15% off discount code for you all to use so you can buy directly from the Shampooheads Website. The code is; onlinemummy

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  • Reply Michelle

    These sound so good. My little one would love these so much…Have to pick some up tomorrow!!!

  • Reply Jade

    I don’t have children yet but I’d happily use these myself. Love fruity shampoos xx

  • Reply sarah

    Wow these look great! My grandchildren would love them when they have sleep overs!!

  • Reply Helen P

    we picked some of these up yesterday and and used the Raging Rosie ones last night. Our little one loved them and they smell amazing and fruity still this morning xx

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