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May 3, 2014

You guessed it! I have¬†a candle post your you today, you just know how much I love them ūüôā

Back in February I wrote a post about using Shearer Candles to set the mood for Valentines Day and now I have a few more of their wonderful candles to share. I have to admit I had another one but got a little excited and used it before even thinking about taking a photo and writing some notes about it. (sorry)

Black Vanilla

Shearer Candles - Black Vanilla

I’m a sucker for sweet scents (vanilla in particular). I love how deliciously sweet and a little nutty this candles is without being sickly or overpowering.

Even though from the outside this tin candle look fairly small it still packs an amazing burn time of 40 hours.

I think this is the perfect candle for when you want to snuggle up under a duvet with a good book to read and a mug of hot coco.

The Black Vanilla Tin Candle is £7.

Winter Fig Pillar

Shearer Candles - Winter Fig

Scented with Oriental fig and warm festive spices the winter fig candle is beautifully rich and fruity.

This candle, being a pillar, has a burn time of up to 100 hours which is pretty mind blowing!

The Winter Fig Pillar Candle is £9.

Spice Natural Spa

Shearer Candles - Spice

A warm and exotic blend of spices with a hint of patchouli and cedar this candle packs a punch but is wonderfully relaxing.

The Spice Natural Spa has a burn time 40 hours and come in a beautiful frosted glass tumbler with a silver embossed lid. The candle it’s self being white which gives it a lovely glow when lit.

A really wonderful candle to have in a kitchen

The Spice Natural Spa Candle is £12.

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