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December 19, 2012

In the months after Amelia was born we quickly found that she had sensitive skin and would be come dry very easily and quickly and whatever amount of lotion we used it didn’t really seem to help. That’s when I heard of a company called Silver Sense and since then Amelia has had baby soft skin!

Silver Sense 4

who’s silver sense you say?

Silver Sense is a baby, toddler and children’s (up to 8 years old) clothing and bedding company with a difference…a VERY GOOD difference. Silver Sense is a family run business founded by Richard Lamb and Sarah Davies. Richard brings his expertise in medical textiles to the company and Sarah brings 15 years experience of product design and development.

Silver Sense have developed a stylish range of clothing for babies and children which can help to ease the itching, inflammation and distress caused by eczema and other skin conditions in a natural way.

Silver Sense clothing is made from soft cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural silver fibres. These silver fibres have powerful antimicrobial properties that help fight the symptoms of eczema and other skin conditions while soothing and protecting children’s skin. The range of clothing and accessories include everything from cosy pyjamas to snug pram blankets which all include the therapeutic healing properties of silver.

Silver Sense 2

the science of silver sence?

No one knows for certain what causes infant eczema but the symptoms can be made worse by a number of elements such as heat, overly dry skin or chemicals in detergents. As the cause of eczema is unknown, it can make treating the symptoms difficult. For many families, harsh emollients and steroid creams are not ideal long term solutions. At Silver Sense we recognised that skin conditions such as eczema and molluscum can be treated naturally with silver fibres.

Silver has been recognised to ease skin conditions for thousands of years due to its antimicrobial properties which soothe the skin and help prevent the spread of bacteria which can cause further infection.

Silver has now been clinically proven to prevent inflammation by naturally calming itchiness and soreness and this precious metal’s healing properties are increasingly recognised and recommended by dermatologists.

Silver Sense clothing is made from cotton rich knitted fabrics which are blended with natural fibres of 99.9% pure silver which are manufactured by the renowned medical textiles company X-Static. The therapeutic antimicrobial properties of these silver fibres can help ease the itchiness of eczema and other skin conditions and soothe broken and irritated skin.

Silver Sense clothing also helps to prevent bacteria from building up on already broken skin which can cause further soreness and infection. As silver is a 100% natural product this means it doesn’t contain any chemicals which may harm children’s sensitive skin.

Silver Sense 3

What we think?

I can honestly say that Silver Sense is the best company ever. Within days of Amelia wearing the lovely vest they sent her all of her skin troubles had vanished and she had the baby soft skin she was born with back. We haven’t had any dry patches on her arms, back or chest since.

All the items that Silver Sense sell come in beautiful colours and look ever so stylish for all little ones.

I’m going to stock up on these and get some suits that cover her legs and they still get a little dry as the vest she has doesn’t cover them.

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    We adore Silver Sense in our house. Miss Roo has sensitive skin that dries out easily especially in the autumn and winter months and their pyjamas are not only gorgeously designed and all made in the UK but they actually work in combatting dry skin.

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