Simple ways to create a more spacious feel in your home

January 23, 2020

Being in the first month of a new year often means many home owners set themselves the task of decluttering each room and keeping on top of the weekly household chores. As much as we try to do this, it’s understandable that everyday life and having to run around after the children can often get in the way of doing this.

More often than not a cluttered house can leave you feeling rather deflated. Whether it’s picking up toys which have been left on the floor or trying to find motivation to tackle the large pile of ironing on the sideboard that needs sorting; ideally we’d all like to live in a spacious, tidy and clutter-free environment. One of the best ways to make your home more organised is to look at different storage methods. From containers to shelving the options are endless and can have a real impact within your home.

If you’re looking to get your household more organised, then I wanted to share a few ways in which you can create a more spacious and clutter-free environment.

Make the most of garages/sheds

It’s more than likely your house will have a garage attached or shed in the garden. Often areas like these are used to store bikes, unwanted items and machinery, leading to a chaotic space which isn’t often ventured into. Places like these are great for creating organised storage areas, especially because they’re out of sight for the majority of the time.

If you want to turn your garage into a storage area, then one of the best options to look into is garage shelving. These sturdy shelving units provide the perfect solution for your storage needs and create a neat and tidy appearance. Using these means you can easily store and find items that you may not use on a regular basis.

Install a hidden shoe rack

For homes with several people living in them, you’ll understand that piles of shoes can start to crop up, creating an untidy and cluttered feel. A good solution to this is to leave a storage box by the front door, so when people enter the house, they can put their shoes straight into the box.

A plastic storage box isn’t the most appealing form of storage though, especially near the front door; but there is another option. Installing a shoe rack on the back of a door or within a cupboard not only means the majority of shoes are stored in one place, they’re also out of sight; creating a more organised appearance.

Think ahead when it comes to new furniture

If your home isn’t the biggest then there’s only so much you can do when it comes to storage. With this in mind, a good factor to consider when it’s time to buy new furniture is to look if they have built-in storage compartments.

Items of furniture such as beds can have built-in storage compartments underneath the frame and within the headboard. This will have a great impact on your home, as the compartments will allow you to store clothes and other items without being visible to others.

Hopefully the points I’ve mentioned will help you solve any storage issues you may have. By trying out the points and more, you should be able to free up some space within your home and create a more organised feel.

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