Social Media: How do different people use it?

November 13, 2013

Ok guys, so I have bit of an interesting post for you today. When I say Social Media I’m sure you all know what I mean and I bet there aren’t many of you that don’t use it…I’m a huge Social Media addict. It help’s my blog, my business and also enables me to keep in touch with friends and family. Anyway – have a read of this.

Social media is something more and more of us are reliant on for one reason or another. Principally, social sites are useful for keeping in touch with friends and family, although some channels are being used for far more than that. Everything from trying to get a new job to showcasing creative talents is possible if using the appropriate social media site.

Social Media

How social media sites are used depends a lot on age, occupation, family and overall life experience, but younger people appear more likely to be picky over which sites they would prefer to use. A Ladbrokes Bingo survey showed that the 25-34 age group preferred to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, all three being amongst the most popular; but the other age groups revealed some shocks.

Picture this

The younger users of social media might be expected to choose some of the more entertainment-based social media channels, but the survey pointed to some surprising stats about the 18-24 age group. The biggest shock of all was that people between those ages were most likely to use LinkedIn, the business networking site where people try to boost their chances of finding the ideal job.

Given that Linkedin has a grown-up, straight-faced image, the fact that young adults are among those most likely to have an account with them says quite a lot. Just as popular with 18-24’s was Instagram, the photography site which many of them could use to show off any works of art or something more exciting like pictures of their friends.

Trouble and strife

It’s a little less surprising to find that those in the youngest age bracket are most likely to use social media to end a relationship. Also, they’re most likely to get into trouble at work and in a relationship as a result of something posted on social media channels. Also, they’re among the most likely to have stalked online, especially someone like a love interest or a friend they haven’t seen for ages.

In general, many people tend to know what to do on certain websites, especially when it comes to avoiding embarrassment. Amazingly, 60% of people have untagged themselves from photos on Facebook, although as any user of this particular site will tell you, they’re not always actual pictures but slogans, memes or something similar. It shows that caution can come into play on social media.

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