Splitting Time Between Luke And Amelia

October 4, 2012

Splitting time between Luke and Amelia hasn’t always been an easy thing, what with a newborn and a very over excited little boy. In the last few months we have¬†admittedly struggled a little to control Luke and see to a crying, hungry, wet, poopy newborn, that said, we have now found out the best ways for us to give Luke and Amelia 50/50.

There are some times when things go a little pair shaped and all hell breaks loose, either with Luke wanting something while I’m trying to feed Amelia (I may be able to multitask but even I don’t want to try making toast or scrambled eggs while trying to breastfed at the same time) or Amelia screaming while we try to get Luke to sleep.

Most of the time things are manageable, I will play with Luke with Amelia sat on my lap or read him a book while I feed her. The problems come (like I said above) when they both want something at the same time. Luke is still really hyper with Amelia and he goes a bit over the top and starts to get silly (this is about half of the day really). As will works 6 days (sometimes 7) a week it can get pretty tricky when I have them both alone. Luke goes to pre school 2 days a week so I get a little time to relax with amelia and do things like ooo..have a shower.

For the most part I feel pretty in control with life, I get things done while Luke and Amelia nap after lunch and when they’re awake I get Luke to help me with things (don’t worry, nothing dangerous and we make it a bit of a game). He will help me gather clothes to wash, sing me songs while I wash up and sometimes he’ll even get a clean nappy for Amelia when she needs a change.

In the next few months Luke should calm down a bit (you’d think he’d be used to Amelia by now) and as Amelia gets older it will be easier as they can play together. I talk to Luke about how he can help her when she learns to crawl, walk, talk and play. I’m glad we had them close together in age and I hope they will be happy with the choice we made too.

Luckily I’m staying at home till Amelia is a year old (I may not even have to go back to work which would be amazing) so I can put time into them both, I just hope they grow up to feel as loved and as equal as each other.

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    I bet Luke finds it strange having to share you but it’s good he is getting use to it and like you say once he can play with Amelia properly he will love being the big brother. x

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