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June 26, 2014

Today I am a very happy lady, the reason being that I have finally found THE BEST scented candle ever. Big words I know but honestly, I don’t think any other scent will be better than this candle and I’d even bet money on it!

Introducing the St Eval Candle Company – the home of beautiful candles, all handmade in the rugged North coast of Cornwall.

I have two candles to share with you and you’ll notice they both have something in common – they come in very different styled pots than what we normally get candles in. This has to be such a large reason to why I love them so much, they just look so beautiful and unique.

As I’m so excited to have found THE candle, so I will start with that one 🙂

Sea Salt Candle:

St Eval Candles

Oh my goodness this to me is the real deal! I close my eyes and I can see the rolling waves of the ocean with seaweed drying on the beach. You can almost feel the see breeze on your face.

I love the strong salty scent of this candle, I find it ever so relaxing and so uplifting. It always brings my spirits up and makes me feel ever so happy when I smell it.

If you could only buy one candle from these guys I would have to tell you to get this one. I honestly can’t get enough of it and I’m going to be so sad when it runs out.

This candle has a burn time of up to 40 hours and is just £11.35.

Sweet Blossom Candle:

St Eval Candles

This is another really beautifully scented candle. This is sweet and fresh, with scents of sweet apple blossom, sweet pea with a touch of musky rosewood it smells wonderfully delightful.

I love to light this candle when I’m getting dressed and ready for the day, it’s also wonderful to use while having a bath.

This candle has a burn time of up to 40 hours and is just £15.95.

Did you see what I mean by the pots? How beautiful are they both!! I will be keeping them to plant herbs in once the candles are all used up.

I would definitely recommend going over to the St Eval Candle Company website and taking a look at everything they have to offer. They have so many wonderful candles.

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  • Reply Sophie Jones

    That sea salt candle sounds so gorgeous!!

  • Reply Martin

    I love St Eval Candles! We have some in our kitchen and bedroom all the time. You are spot on with the sea salt one, it really is just like you’re at the beach!

  • Reply Emma Wilson

    Such a wonderful find! Those pots are just gorgeous and I would use them to plant things in after too!! Fabulous post xx

  • Reply nicoletta

    These look lovely! I’m a bit of a self confessed candle hoarder :/ those pots are so beautiful, love your idea for using them after.

  • Reply Sally Davis

    Lorraine I always enjoy reading your candle posts. Your describe them so beautifully. Love your blog! xx

  • Reply Charlotte

    These sound and look lush! We have so many candles in our home (don’t think you can ever have too many though) Char xx

  • Reply Emma Watterington

    That sounds so yummy. Love the sea side and the salty smell, this is so up my street 🙂 xxx

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