Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

March 11, 2015

Oh Sunday Riley…those words have been on everyone’s lips recently and I’m so glad to have been one of those people to work with them.

Over the past month I have been trying out the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and well, the truth is that I have been dying to share my thoughts with you as it’s quickly become my #1 cleanser.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

So, the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, designed for those of us with not so prefect skin the gel based cleanser foams into a creamy consistency on contact with water to purify the skin and tighten pores while also stimulating collagen and circulation to create flawless looking skin.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that it doesn’t dry out the skin at all (like so many other foaming products). I actually find it really moisturising and soothing to use. It leaves my skin feeling so supple and soft without that tight feeling.

The Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser has a wealth of ingredients:

Refined French Green Clay – Tightens Pores, Removes Impurities
Vitamin C – Tightens pores, boosts radiance
Black Pepper – Stimulates Circulation
Sandalwood – Anti-microbial, helps with skin irritation, inflammation, allergic conditions, exzema, promotes radiance.
Jasmine – Soothes and restores.
Frankincens – Tones, a natural astringent.

I love the natural earthy scent the Ceramic Slip Cleanser has and I find it adds quite a relaxing element to washing my face. It kinds of smells like I’m having a spa facial without anyone else touching my face and of course, from the comfort of my own home.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

When using the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser I find I only need two pumps for my full face and neck area. I like to pump it into my hand and mix with few drops of tepid water before gently rubbing into my skin in circular motions. I then just rinse off with tepid water (again) and my trusty muslin cloth.

Now, for a cleanser of such quality I think its price tag of £35 is really reasonable and if you only use a small amount like me then the 125ml will last you for some time.

Available from a fare few online shopping sites including Cult Beauty and Space NK.

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  • Reply Kimberly Anne

    Soooo many are going on about this right now! It does sound really good and seems to be great at calming the skin while cleaning it.

  • Reply Alexis Rover-Layne

    I want to try some of Sunday Riley’s products so badly but they are all so expensive. Heard so many good things though. Need more money STAT!! xx

  • Reply FitNHealthy

    I have to get one of these. My skin is really bad right now 🙁 I have some space nk credit to use so this will be on my list for sure. Thanks for sharing such a great review of the product.

  • Reply Charlotte Magraw

    My #1 cleanser too!!! Have you tried anything else of hers? x

  • Reply Sammie

    I have the Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Good Genes. They have both made such a difference to my skin, not only by stopping any spots but also the tone of it. Couldn’t live without them now! Great blog.

  • Reply Jodie Lewis

    I’ve have heard nothing but good things about this cleanser.

  • Reply Jacqueline Shaw

    This sounds so lovely. I really want to try some of her stuff.

  • Reply Elisabeth

    I adore the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, I even have an extra bottle on stand-by xx

  • Reply Stephanie C

    Looks so amazing, i definitely need to try some sunday riley products.

  • Reply Mattie P

    Love Sunday Riley Skincare!!!! Wonderful post and blog xx

  • Reply Collective Beauty Girl

    I use this. Love how clean it makes my skin skin feel without drying it out.

  • Reply Grace Mallein

    So many great reviews of this going around right now. I really want to try it out. Do you know if you can get smaller sample sizes?

  • Reply Katie

    This is going into by Cult Beauty basket as I type!! 🙂

  • Reply Nicolette

    I have heard amazing things about Sunday Riley

    • Reply Margie

      That’s a subtle way of thniking about it.

  • Reply Freya Newberry

    Need this! xx

  • Reply Lisa Marcella

    love the Good Genes. Want to try this too when I finish my current cleanser. x

  • Reply Zoe Clark

    Every-time I read about this I want to try it out. Really need to get some soon.

  • Reply Pink Splash

    Such a great post Lorraine. Love it when you write about skincare but you always make me want to buy it…must be why I never have any money left 🙂 xxxx

  • Reply Wilhelmina Paris

    I ordered this a few days ago and it should be here tomorrow. Really can’t wait to try it out!

  • Reply Laura March

    Sounds like such a good cleanser. Really need something to help my skin so may get this with the Good Genes. xx

  • Reply Caitlin

    I’ve been using this for s while now and it’s made my skin look and feel lovely. I also really like the scent. x

  • Reply Hayley Rose

    sounds beautiful

  • Reply Makeup and the Bride

    Need this in my life x

  • Reply With Love From Summer

    I nearly got this yesterday but don’t know if I can justify the price. It sounds so good and I know it will last but I don’t like spending too much on skincare.

  • Reply Courtney

    Love sunday riley!!! x

  • Reply Reagan

    Looks like a lovely cleanser xx

  • Reply Charis Rose

    sounds stunning. love your blog! x

  • Reply Kaleigh Adams

    Lovely brand. I have the Juno oil and really like it. I didn’t know which cleanser to try out but think it will be this on now, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Reply Aurora

    Beautiful x

  • Reply Sydney Hayden

    Love this brand. She has made some really lovely products

  • Reply Francesca B

    Wow it sounds really good xx

  • Reply Emma Watterington

    Love this!!

  • Reply Yanikah

    I HAVE got to try this out!! Looks and sounds amazing xx

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