Sunglasses – The best accessory you’ll ever have

November 3, 2015

Now that autumn is among us and the sunshine is well, in all honesty, rather unimpressive on most days. You may think of leaving your sunglasses at home when you head out but did you know that autumn can actually be one of the worst times for your eyes?

We all know that in the autumn the sun sets a lot earlier in the evenings. It also sits lower in the sky during the day and because of this the glare can be surprisingly strong. Autumn also brings lots of clouds and dullness our way which seem to hide the sunshine but UVA and UVB rays can still cause a lot of damage to the eyes. Just without you thinking or knowing it’s happening.

One last thing I’m sure most of us will agree with is the extra wind we get at this time of year. Harsh winds can cause sore dry eyes as well as irritation from any dirt and dust that’s picked up with it.

Maui Jim Mavericks
Wearing sunglasses, even when you don’t think that you need to can really protect your eyes at all times of the year. We can’t deny how great sunglasses look either can we? I’m a massive sunglasses lover and I never find myself far from a pair, either in my handbag, on my desk, on the kitchen counter or perched on top of my head.

My most recent pair of sunglasses are some of the most advanced in my collection which makes them perfect for autumn. The Maui Jim Mavericks are equipped with their patented, color-infused lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare and 100% of harmful UV rays. The amazing PolarizedPlus2 technology also boosts colour to make your view crystal clear with a wonderful contrast of colours.

Maui Jim MavericksMaui Jim Mavericks
I think it’s pretty easy to see why Maui Jim are on the top of my list when it comes to buying sunglasses. They have an amazing range to choose from, covering many different styles including Aviators, Cat Eye, Rimless, Classic and more. They cater for both men and women and even offer you to have your sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses.

So if you’ve got anything from this post (and I hope you have) it’s that you shouldn’t be putting your sunglasses away just because the sun isn’t showing it face as much over the next few months. Of course, continuing to wearing sunglasses in autumn and winter means that you can even treat yourselves to a lovely new pair. Why not check out Maui Jim and everything they have to offer?

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    Gorgeous! Love the Aviators style.

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    OMG love them

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    They look amazing and your photos are stunning! xx

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    Such a good post. So much info. I always wear my sunglasses all year round 🙂

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    wow your photography is so good.

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    Beautiful sunnies! I would love to happily spend so much on a pair one day.

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