Super fast Internet can help slow you down

December 8, 2014

Family life can be busy and stressful. There’s so much to juggle and everything seems to revolve around the children.

You pick them up from school, dash off to soccer practice, drop another off at a play date, squeeze in some food shopping and make arrangements for the town’s charity Christmas fair before bundling them back in the car to get home for a nutritious dinner, bath and bedtime.

Not enough time

Every day seems a relentless merry-go-round of schedules, homework and extra-curricular activities.

Somewhere in the middle of it all you have to find time for your career, your partner, your home, even your dog! At the end of the day, there’s very little time left over to spend on yourself.

Turn on the Internet

There is a solution. It’s hiding in your laptop, tablet and smartphone and it can turn your life into a virtual reality.

The Internet is a blessing for busy mums. Far from being a distraction that steals hours from your day, going online can cut down your “to-do” list as well as create a little extra time to relax and recharge.

Here are some ideas to get you started.


You don’t have time to meet up with your friends anymore. Leisurely gossips over steaming lattes are a thing of the past. Even a quick catch up over the phone seems like an exaggerated indulgence.

Thank goodness for Facebook. This is the best way of keeping up to date with your friends when you’ve got little or no time to meet up.

It’s no substitute for the Real Thing, but when time is short, giving each other a virtual nod over the internet is the next best thing.

facebook - melenita

Image by melenita


Trips out to the cinema, romantic dinners à deux or wild parties that rumble on into the small hours of the night all have the hallmarks of Entertainment Past.

You need to get your kicks some other way now you have no time and even less energy!

Have you ever tried to play games online?

Casino games for example offer perfect escapism without ever having to leave your living room. And if your concerned about stumbling across a disreputable provider, website Gambling Kings has helpfully complied a list of online casinos that meet the new UK online gambling law.

Therefore you can pick from the cream of UK online casinos, assisted by detailed and extensive casino reviews, to ensure that you get the authentic experience of gambling online.

Why not try your hand at blackjack or a spin on the pokies after you’ve loaded the dishwasher and sent the children to bed?

And as you’re always on the go, you can also play pokies while you’re waiting in the car for the children to finish school!


Who has time for the big weekly shop anymore?

Create time and save energy by doing it all online and getting it delivered to your front door.

This is a number one timesaver when you’re running around after a big family. You can choose when to shop – maybe when the baby’s napping peacefully in his own crib and you’ve got a (hot) cup of tea in your hand.

And you don’t have to worry about any of the other annoying little things that go hand in hand with a massive supermarket mission.

No parking hassle, no race with the cashier between scanning and packing and no anxiety that your toddler is going to throw a tantrum in aisle three because you won’t let him eat a whole bag of sugar.

Your time will come again

Family - Your Mildura

Image by Your Mildura

Raising a family is hard graft. But don’t get so caught up in the practicalities of life that you forget to enjoy it.

This phase in your life will not last forever – enjoy it and your children while they’re growing up.

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