Supporting ‘The Girls’ With The Anita Maximum Support Sports Bra

August 18, 2013

Running has become a huge part of my fitness routine and with running comes the bouncing of certain lady parts – BOOBS! Even more so when they are full of milk (breastfeeding mum ya know).

Did you know breasts can move up to seven inches when bouncing?! – Just imagine the strain thats putting on the poor girls and your back. I would highly recommend getting a good sports bra if you do any kind of sports (even if it’s just yoga).

My newest sports bra is The Anita Maximum Support 5527.


When I took the 5527 out of the box I kind of stopped, turned it in my fingers and thought ‘surely this can’t give Maximum Support’ but boy was I wrong! It really ‘held the girls up‘ and without any discomfort or chafing.

I really like the wide, padded straps which help with the overall feeling of support and comfort and I loved that the material moisture wicks to help keep sweatiness at bay plus it’s got added breathable mesh – what more could you want.

I’ve done a number of workouts in this bra and it’s worked wonders each time, just to give an idea I’ve worn it when doing:

– 5 mile run
– 8 mile bike ride
– 1 hours weightlifting
– 40 mins HIIT

so it’s been great to be able to wear it for a variety of workouts!

I just have to bring in the fact that it also looks pretty fantastic! It’s available in a variety of colours and you can get matching sports pants too.

Disclosure: I was sent a bra free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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