The East India Company

December 14, 2013

I’m always on the look out for companies that sell that little extra something special and I think I’ve found it with The East India Company.

Granted a Royal Charter by Queen Elizabeth the 1st in 1600, The East India Company was founded to explore the mysteries of the East. As The Company grew, it mapped trade routes through unchartered territory and changed social customs, tastes and ways of thought to influence the very fabric of our lives today.

“Today, the East India Company invites you to join us in exploring our unique chocolates, fine teas, estate coffees and specialty foods. Crafted by artisans using exquisite ingredients, our products are inspired by a spirit of travel and adventure and connect cultures and customs through exotic flavours bound only by imagination.”

I have a few items from The East India Company that I want to show you today.

Chocolate Enrobed Raspberries – £7.95

Real raspberries, freeze-dried for flavour and delicately enrobed in fine Belgian milk chocolate. A contrast of sweet and punchy, these melt-in-your-mouth treats are all about indulgence.

What more could you want, fruit and chocolate in one bite! Mmmm…I’m so tempted to open these but I know they are going to be loved by my mum so I’m going to give them to her as a little treat.

Chocolate Enrobed Raspberries

Caramel & Sea Salt Biscuits – £4.95

Release the contrasting flavours of sticky caramel and coarse sea salt as you bite into these moist buttery biscuits. These Sea Salt and Caramel Biscuits are sure to evoke the adventurous spirits within.

OMG….I’m a huge fan of salted caramel so these are right up my street. A few words that come to mind… chewy, buttery, salty, sweet and WOW!

Caramel & Sea Salt Biscuits

Supreme Drinking Chocolate – £4.95

Experience hot chocolate as it was originally intended to taste, rich and full bodied. This authentic drink, made with flakes of fine dark Belgian chocolate, was inspired by the rich chocolate drinks of the ancient Aztecs.

I LOVE a good hot chocolate when the weather starts turning cold and this one is not to be missed. Its rich, creamy and smells so intoxicating. A real delicious treat with cream on top!

Supreme Drinking Chocolate

Chakra Bliss Herbal Infusion Pyramid Bags – £5.00

The soothing flavours of whole chamomile and rose flowers are combined in this Bliss infusion, an ideal evening blend. Regain a deep sense of harmony with this blend of spices known to calm the mind and open the space of enlightenment, otherwise known as the crown chakra.

My favorite time to drink this is after a long day while i’m in a deep bath full of bubbles with a yummy smelling candle light in the background. This is the perfect ‘calming’ night time drink.

Chakra Bliss Herbal Infusion Pyramid Bags

If you like the look of these but can’t choose what to buy then how about getting a wonderful gift box hamper full of items you will love. There are so many to choose from and it would make such a unique and personal gift for any occasion (including christmas).

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