The Etiquette of Eating in a Restaurant

March 9, 2015

When you are going to dine out in a public restaurant with friends, family, or business associates, there are certain etiquettes that should be followed.

There are different etiquettes when we are dining out at a restaurant that should be followed. These simple rules are sometimes regarded as basic manners. By learning them you can socialise in any surrounding, comfortable in the fact that you actions will not offend anyone.

Not everyone follows the etiquette, and it is not the end of the world. However, when people fail to adhere to the rules, usually this means that the people around them may judge them because of this.

The Etiquette of Eating in a RestaurantPhoto from Poiseon on Flickr

The Rules of Fine Dining

No matter what type of establishment you go to, there will be certain unwritten rules that you are expected to follow. When you are going to eat in a fine dining establishment, the first thing that you need to do it make sure that you are dressed correctly. Shorts, T-Shirts, Trainers and the like, are not usually acceptable attire.

If you attend a restaurant that uses different types of cutlery, a good rule of thumb is that you start from the outside and work your way in, which is usually the norm.

If you are ordering wine, then it is usual for the host to look at the wine menu and order, which prevents the guest from ordering the most expensive bottle.

Basic manners should always be used such as please and thank you, including when you are speaking to the restaurant staff. When you want a member of staff’s attention, you should say excuse me. You should never click your fingers or whistle at them.

Voices should be kept to a decent level, with no loud laughing or shouting.

Eating in a More Relaxed Environment

The rules are very similar when you are in a less formal restaurant such as The Depot on Beaumont Restaurant Newcastle. You will tend to find in establishments such as this that there are fewer rules that are needed to be followed, which also includes the dress code.

There will most likely be fewer cutleries to be used than in a fancy high-class restaurant, so using the cutlery should be fairly simple. You will also be able to drink pints of beer, so if wine is not your thing you do not need to worry about being a wine connoisseur.

You will also find that this sort of environment it is usually a lot friendly for families with children, when they want to go out and eat as a family. But do not be fooled, just because it is not a fancy restaurant with a lot of frills, it does not mean that the food cannot be great. There are many establishments with not only great food, but they also have a great atmosphere.

No Matter where you Go, Remember your Manners!

It does not matter what type of establishment you go to, from fancy restaurants, pubs, and even fast food joints, you should always remember your manners. A please and a thank you will go a long way, no matter what sort of establishment you visit.

Never try to grabs someone’s attention by whistling at them, as this may lead them to ignore you. A quick “excuse me” will suffice to get someone’s attention. But remember that there may be a queue of people, so be patient and wait your turn.

Manners cost us nothing and a great rule to go by — treat people how you would like to be treated yourself. Just remember to tip the staff that are hard working and give you great service, and they will probably try even harder next time you go back!



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    I hate seeing people using their phones when we go out to restaurants.

  • Reply Megan Philips

    Great post and so true. I agree with the phone thing! x

  • Reply Anna White

    I know when your in a restaurant and you’re eating a waiter will come and make sure everything is alright with the meal but the amount of times we have had them come up multiple (3-4) times…that to me is annoying!

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