The Fine Luxury of Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos

March 31, 2015

It’s not often that I fall so deeply in love something that I feel the need to urge everyone around me to go out and buy it. Right now, is one of those times and I’m sure you’ll agree by the end of this post.

Ramon Monegal is the 4th generation in a family of the most important perfumers that has been in Barcelona and Spain. Going back along his family roots you find that his family were once perfume suppliers to the Spanish Royal Family.

With that being said it makes it so clear to see why his perfumes are just so irresistible. Believe me, Entre Naranjos has me mesmerised and captivated in its sweet warmth. It’s so perfectly divine and oh so beautiful.

Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos

Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos reminds me so much of walking through an orange grove where not only the oranges but also the leaves, blossoms and trees themselves give off the most wonderful aroma. An absolute please to wear and smell. It almost begs to be sprayed onto the skin just once more.

Entre Naranjos has a very fresh, tart and sweet lemon-orange opening which warms up to brings out the warmth of a smooth woody yet rich amber and neroli mid-section. Then it changes once more to bring in the subtle scent of patchouli.

Notes: Tunisian Orange Flower Absolute, Mandarin orange, petitgrain lemon, neroli, amber, Indonesian patchouli.

Family: Floral-fresh-woody

Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos

To finish off, I really can’t leave out the bottle can I? It’s sleek and sophisticated and has an almighty surprise of a flip top. It looks stunning on the dressing table and is now taking pride of place on mine.

Available from Harrods, Ramon Monegal Entre Naranjos is £130 for 50ml.

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  • Reply Yanikah

    I love orange and lemon scents. This sounds right up my street. Lovely bottle too x

  • Reply Nicole

    Entre Naranjos is so lovely. I’ve had the pleasure of smelling it and loved it x

  • Reply Brigette Ramos

    sounds lovely! I love fresh scents.

  • Reply Tamara Leanne

    I want to smell this so badly now. You describe scents so wonderfully x

  • Reply Michelle

    You had me at ‘walking through an orange grove’ 🙂

  • Reply Reagan

    Wow there you go making me want to buy something AGAIN! Your photos are just perfect xxx

  • Reply Charlotte Magraw

    Love a nice citrus perfume. This sounds (and looks) stunning. Might need to spend me bonus on this. xx

  • Reply rebekah rose

    So beautiful!

  • Reply Amelia Beaumont

    Wow sounds so summery and lovely x

  • Reply Gwyneth

    I’ve tried this and it surprised me so much. I loved how lemony it was to start with and how tit slowly sweetened then spiced up. Truly magic fragrance.

  • Reply Kelly

    Sounds lovely. The bottle is stunning and I love the black casing it comes in. Very smart.

  • Reply Claudia @ Dizzyliving

    You photography is crazy good!

  • Reply RuthF

    Sounds perfectly divine!

  • Reply James Harris

    Would you say men could get away with wearing this too?

  • Reply Francesca B

    Stunning bottle

  • Reply FitNHealthy

    would love to try this. love anything with orange in

  • Reply Hailee Racholle

    Wonderful photos lorraine. Sounds like a beautiful scent xx

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