The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

February 12, 2014

I’m  sure you’ve all heard of ‘Latest in Beauty‘ and the wonderful discovery boxes they come out with. Today I want to share one of their most recent boxes – The Hip & Healthy Discovery Box.

The box was created in partnership with Hip & Healthy magazine, but you probably guessed that in the name! As you’ll see by the mix and range of items in the box it really is something special for those starting new health and fitness goals as you have fitness, nutrition, supplements, snacks and beauty all rolled into one.

Not only does the box have a great mix of items it’s also packed FULL to the brim. I was quite taken back to see everything when i opened it. For just £9.95 plus £3.95 p+p the box has an actual value of £50 so your getting a real bargain and lots of lovely treats at the same time 🙂

Lets take a look at what’s in the box

Beauty Items:

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm (40ml)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I have another one of these that I got in my YOU BEAUTY Advent Calendar but I haven’t used it yet but I think I will try it out tonight.

A daily must-have for its dual cleansing and smoothing action to enhance your skin’s natural radiance. Anti-oxidant rich Arctic cloudberry, gentle Roman chamomile and skin-brightening red mandarin, smooths away daily grime and make-up leaving skin soft, radiant and calmly clean.

Nourish Golden Glow Illuminating Face Shimmer (2ml)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I haven’t used this before but it looks and sounds like it gives a lovely glow to the skin. I think i’ll use some as a highlighter!

Containing Golden mineral powders to lift and define your complexion, and active Tonka Bean extract that emits light to give the skin a vibrant, natural, healthy glow, as well as reducing the appearance of uneven skin tone and age spots.

NEOM Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Hand Cream (50ml)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

This has to be one of my all time favourite hand creams ever!

Packed with antioxidising extracts, including acai and argan oil, known to aid collagen production and tighten the skin, as well as for their anti-ageing and nourishing properties. Non-greasy, it penetrates the skin quickly, leaving hands super soft.

Food Items:

Rude Health Ultimate Organic Granola (50g)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I LOVE Rude Health products and I have to admit I used this one the day my box came 🙂 I have it over Greek Yoghurt – so yum!

This award-winning multigrain granola is made up with oats like a normal granola, but they’ve also added spelt, barley and puffed amaranth for a more complex flavour. Baked with a drizzle of honey, date syrup and topped with freshly roasted nuts and cheerfully crunchy seeds, it’s made without adding any salt or refined sugars.

Bounce Natural Energy Ball Coconut & Macadamia (1 ball)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I’m a huge huge fan of Bounce Balls (separate review coming soon) so I was really happy to find this waiting inside the box for me as its one of my favourite flavours.

Bounce Energy Balls are an amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and boost your energy. They’re a delicious combination of high quality proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats and are bursting with nutrients. Bounce® is the perfect food on-the-go to support a healthy and active lifestyle.

Jax Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water (250ml)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I was really happy to find this in my box. I love coconut water and all the great benefits it has on your health plus it’s super delish.

Jax Coco offers the purest, best tasting coconut water on the market. Made with 100% coconut water using a micro-filtering process, it contains absolutely no additives or added sugars. This is nature’s energy drink. Excellent on its own or mixed in cocktails, smoothies and cooking.

Health Items:

Aduna Baobab Superfruit Powder (4.5g – 1 serving sample)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

This isn’t something i’ve heard of before but I’m more than happy to try it. Sounds like it’s really good for you.

Aduna Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder is a 100% natural, nutrient dense raw wholefood, that provides you with three key benefits: Natural multivitamin, Rich source of fibre, and High in antioxidants. It is an excellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and thiamin and a source of vitamin B6.

Together Health Multi Vitamins (7 day sample)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

One thing I can say is that these are amazing vitamins. WHile taking these (even just for 7 days) I found i had so much more energy and felt better in myself. I wasn’t getting tired by mid-day (having to wake in the night with Amelia really takes it’s toll)

Together’s vegetarian Multivitamin and Mineral capsules are made with the highest quality natural foods, including carrots, whole citrus pulp, alfalfa and corn. They are in the ideal form, which means they are better absorbed, retained and utilised by our bodies compared with isolated vitamins and minerals. With no added sugars and free from nasty preservatives, they are the perfect daily supplement to keep you hip and healthy.

Teapigs Matcha (2g – 2 servings sample)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I’ve spoken about Teapigs Matcha before and just like i said before – It’s awesome!

Matcha is a very concentrated form of green tea. The way it’s grown and consumed means that it’s packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. Matcha tea bushes are grown under shade which dramatically increases the chlorophyll content of the leaf – this is the bright green stuff which is really good for us, and which is particularly rich in antioxidants.

Organic Superblends Omega 3  (5g – 1 serving sample)

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

These Chia based superfood powder blends come in 4 different blends; Alkalise, Energise, Skin and Omega. Add to your favourite smoothie, juice, yoghurt or granola for a healthy boost. Each blend contains just 6 ingredients plus they are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and soy free.

Virgin Active One Day Pass

The Hip & Healthy Latest in Beauty Discovery Box

I was really impressed and excited to find a little card entitling me to a Virgin Active One Day Pass – I will definitely be using that and making the most of the day as you can use the world-class gym equipment, indoor and outdoor pools, and relaxing spa facilities.

So there we have it guys! What an awesome box right?! You also get lots of  money off / discount codes and theres a lovely smoothie recipe too.

Grab yourself  The Hip & Healthy Discovery Box today!

Disclosure: PR Sample

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