The Isle of Skye Candle Company

June 2, 2014

Yes yes, I am talking about candles…again. You know I love them!

Today I have three stunning candles from a lovely company called The Isle of Skye Candle Company. Founded in 2006 by James Robertson, a young man who found a he had a flare for mixing scents while working for a local soap company. Since then, The Isle of Skye Candle Company has gone on to win ‘Best New Scottish Company’ at the Scottish variety awards in 2012.

The Isle of Skye Candle Company

“In our candles we only use natural soya wax, which is not only good for the environment but, unlike paraffin wax, good for you too. The blend of soya wax we use burns at a lower temperature giving a better fragrance release. Every candle is handmade from start to finish, ensuring only the best quality product reaches our customers. We do not exaggerate about our burn times (we may exaggerate about other things, such as the weather in Skye) the time we say, is the minimum time you get”

Vanilla & Fig

The Isle of Skye Candle Company

You all know my hug love of both Vanilla and Fig so you won’t be surprised to hear how much joy this candle brings me.

It’s sweet and delicate, relaxing and uplifting with an almost milky background and a luscious amount of fig. To die for is my way to describe this!

This Vanilla & Figcandle is in the three wick slates size which is £25.


The Isle of Skye Candle Company

Mmm….this candle is so sweet and so fresh; it’s kind of hard to not eat it. It is truly the most real smelling candle I have ever put to my nose. You would honestly believe that you have a bowl full of mangos in the room.

Such a beautiful scent for the summer as it’s so fresh and juicy.

This Mango candle is in the large tumbler size which is £15.

Pomegranate & Plum

The Isle of Skye Candle Company

This candle has the beautiful mix of two sweet yet delicate fruits and together they make something that is so out of this world wonderful. I can’t quiet describe how lovely this candle smells. It sweet and fruity all while having a slight bitterness to it.

It is just so WOW, I never want it to run out!

This Pomegranate & Plum candle is in the small tumbler size which is £10.

Check The Isle of Skye Candle Company out on Facebook and Twitter for news and offers and be sure to take a look at their website to see all their other beautiful candle fragrances.

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  • Reply Michala

    These look lovely! I really wish I could smell through the screen 🙂

  • Reply Sally Davis

    Oh I love candles, reading your posts make me want to buy more and more, although I think I have too many as it is :/

  • Reply Zeeshaan Mohmood

    I love your blog! I find it very detailed and interesting.

  • Reply Michala

    What great priced candles. They look really good in size too. We always have candles lit in our home so these would be fab. xx

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