The Perfect Peel – My Experience and Results

March 23, 2015

On the 1st of this month I took a long (3.5 hour) road trip to London for a facial treatment. If I had known then how much this treatment was going to change my skin in such an unbelievably astonishing way then I would have done it an awful lot sooner!

You’re probable asking yourselves right now, ‘what is this amazing treatment that has changed her skin so much to make her this happy?’ Well my lovelies, it’s called The Perfect Peel and it is truly that. Perfect!

The Perfect Peel is a revolutionary peel that blends together a number of key ingredients that work to brighten, tighten and smooth the skin while reduce sun damage/age spots, improve acne and Melasma, reduce pore size, and stimulate collagen production plus much more.
The Perfect Peel
I wanted to share my experience with you all so that one; you can see the great results this peel can give you and 2; to put your mind at ease if you’re scared of the idea of having a peel. Let’s jump on in!

Day 1 –  Sunday

Before going into my treatment I had a lovely chat with Justin and Kelly Seynor. They took me through all the steps and what I should so to get the best results possible from the peel. They were both so lovely and put my mind at complete ease.

I then went into the treatment room where I met Dr Esho and Dr McCloskey who were both absolutely wonderful. Dr McCloskey applied my peel for me and I was pleasantly surprised by it as it was very relaxing, there was no pain or discomfort, just a lovely warm feeling which lasted for about 20 seconds before subsiding. Once the treatment was over I was left looking very golden (Dr McCloskey did make me giggle when I asked what I looked like. His response being ‘just a little tangerine’)

Once I got home in the evening I waited till 1am in the morning and used the first of my retinol wipes which is provided in the home care kit.

Day 2 – Monday

After a night of fairly itchy skin I woke up and went about my day without doing any of my usual morning face wash. (Justin Seynor had said results can be better if you don’t get your face wet. It can also keep the ski feeling more comfortable)

Again, in the eveing I applied my second retinol wipe and this time it did bring back the warm feeling that I had experienced during my application on the peel. I got a slight flused rosy look to my face but the warmth soon subsided.

Day 3 – Tuesday

Known as the shedding day. Through the day my skin started to feel tighter (kind of like when a face mask dries on the skin). At about 1pm I noticed that my skin was starting to look a little flaky round my nose so I applied a little of the Post Peel moisturiser provided in the home care kit.

Day 4 – Wednesday

I woke feeling very itchy and when I looked in the mirror found that my skin was peeling all over. I applied the Post Peel moisturiser to keep the flakiness hidden a little but only applied it twice as my skin didn’t feel dry of tight.

Day 5 – Thursday

All the areas that I thought had peeled had gone all shiny again and this time felt really tight. I continued to apply the Post Peel moisturiser to sooth the new skin.

Day 6 – Friday

Woken up and could only open my mouth about an inch. My skin was extremely tight around my mouth, nose and forehead so I sent a quick message over to Dr Esho and it turned out that I was indeed going through another peel. I had lost the superficial layer and was going to peel all over again.

I applied so much of the Post Peel moisturiser, mainly so I could open my mouth wide enough to eat and also to keep the tightness away.

Day 7 – Saturday

My skin started to really peel again by lunch time. I thought it would be much like all the photos I’d seen but instead of coming off in sheets my skin was flaking off (I called it my being a lizard phase)

I had now used up all of my Post Peel moisturiser so moved onto using Aveeno Daily Moisturiser which was recommend to me by both Dr Esho and Justin Seynor.

Day 8 – Sunday

My face was literally covered in flakes of skin which all seemed to fall off during the day and I could see all my lovely new soft skin being unveiled underneath. By the evening I had finishes peeling and my skin looked so different.

The Perfect Peel

Before – After


The first thing I noticed was how much smoother and brighter my skin looked. When I had been with Dr McCloskey I had told him that one of the things I was unhappy with were the little bumps on my forehead that gave it an unsmooth appearance. Well, I am EVER SO HAPPY to say that they have all gone. I am also happy to say that since the peeling has finished (3 weeks ago now) I haven’t had a single new spot come up.

I can’t get over how different my skin looks, how the old blemish marks I had have faded, how I seem to be glowing all the time. I’ve been so happy with the change that I am still yet to wear any makeup since having it done.

I love how everyone was there for me if I needed to get in touch. How Dr Esho would pop a message over now and then to ask me how I was doing and how I felt. Isn’t it lovely to meet such kind and genuine people! Dr Esho and Dr McCloskey are seriously the greatest.

I can’t recommend The Perfect Peel enough and have been telling so many people about it. I already really want to have another one done but will wait for a few months and maybe do it in July or August.

You can read more about the The Perfect Peel on their website.

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    Such a difference. Beautiful before and after though 🙂

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    Oh wow, I read something about this peel before. You look amazing!

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    Sounds amazing. Is it pricey? x

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    Do you think you had such a good result as you peeled twice? xx

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    Such a great post! Been looking forward to reading it since you said you were having a peel done. You look fab xx

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    Oh wow you look amazing! Your skin look so smooth. x

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    Right that’s it! I need one of these…

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    So beautiful. You look wonderful x

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    I’ve wanted to have a peel for while now but was always a little scared it would hurt or my skin would be fleshy once it peeled. This this one will be the way to go. Thanks for so much for sharing how it was for you. You do look lovely!

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