The Protein works RAZE Preworkout Review

January 30, 2014

The RAZE Pre-workout is a potent scientifically engineered pre-workout enhancer for those looking to take their training to a new level. Developed using research proven ingredients with synergistic effects to provide training intensity and optimal results.

Unlike many pre-workouts which are solely stimulant based, Raze™ contains not only potent stimulants, but also active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to aid performance. These include Creapure®, Beta Alanine, iBCAA and AAKG.

RAZE Preworkout Ingredients include:

  • Arginine Alpha-Ketogluarate (AAKG) – Helps increase blood flow and muscular pump. Along with transporting nutrients such as iBCAA to the muscles.
  • Beta Alanine – Helps delay onset of muscular fatigue, and improve exercise performance and power output.
  • Creapure® – Purest micronized creatine monohydrate available can help improve strength, power and size.
  • Vitamin B6 – Essential for turning carbohydrates, protein and fat into energy, and for the proper functioning of the nervous and immune system.
  • L-Tyrosine – A pre-cursor to adrenaline, can help maintain concentration and focus during high intensity workouts.
  • Caffeine – Known to improve concentration and focus, and boost energy levels and mood.
  • iBCAA – Shown to aid protein synthesis, promotes recovery & lean muscle mass. We used premium grade instantised material for easier mixing.
  • Citruline Malate – Helps improve overall improvement in aerobic performance and a reduction in fatigue during intense training.
  • Taurine – Plays an important role in protein synthesis, cell hydration and cardiac function.
  • Glucoronaltone – Shown to boost energy levels, increase alertness & reaction times. Aids performance & mood when taken with Taurine and caffeine.
  • Dextrose – Added for it’s high GI (Gylcemic Index) value, to provide instant energy and to aid the uptake of other nutrients.

The Protein Works RAZE Preworkout

How easy is this…??

So simple! Just pop open your mixer bottle, put in your required scoops, close lid and shake shake shake.

The powder mixes really well and doesn’t leave any lumps or chalky/bittiness.

As with some other pre-workouts I’ve tried I half expected this to taste pretty bad but I was actually quit pleasantly surprised. As you can tell from the photo, I tried the Apple Green Spike and although I didn’t find it very sour like others have said i do think there is definitely a kick to it.

The Workout
The first time I used the RAZE Preworkout I went for a power walk and I felt as if my legs just wouldn’t stop moving. They kept going and going and even after the 6 mile mark they still felt great (when I would normally be getting super tired).

For my second workout using the RAZE Preworkout I worked on my arms, back and abs and oh boy was it an amazing workout! Although I have strong ab muscles I find they always start to hurt once I’m about 15 minutes into a workout but this time I when on to 70 minutes and had no pain and no tiredness.

Everytime I use this I always get a really good workout in. I don’t get any deterioration in my energy levels and my focus stays right on point. Don’t even get me started on how well it helps to achieve a bazillion squats.

One thing I really LOVE about the RAZE Preworkout is that you DON’T get that horrible crash when it wears off which to me is a massive bonus!

Overall thoughts

This stuff is pretty unbelievable! It works wonders, not only for helping provide some punch to your system while working out but also for the recovery after. I’ve found since using this I have been a lot less sore after the day after doing a big workout.

As with a lot of pre workouts I did find myself getting fairly itchy hands and feet within about 10 minutes of drinking – once working out it kind of goes out of your mind though and it’s completely gone by the time I finished each workout.

I’d recommend to anyone that uses or wants to try out a great working pre-workout. It’s very well priced ( £10.49 – £39.99 depending on size) and it’s available in two flavours ( Apple Green Spike and Orange Burst )..

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The Protein Works RAZE Preworkout

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