Tips for a Family Holiday Cruise

October 26, 2016

Going on a cruise holiday with your family is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. With the chance to visit several countries in one holiday, tons to do on board the ship and some of the best food you’ll ever taste, it’s hard to see why going on a family cruise wouldn’t be a great idea. Here are some top tips to ensure your cruising holiday is a success this year:

Family Holiday Cruise

  • Book a Cruise Tailored for Families

This may sound obvious but it’s the essential first step. Cruises designed for families have stacks of activities for kids to on board including kids’ clubs where they can stay for the day and make friends with other children, some even have cinemas and climbing walls so it means your kids say entertained on days at sea and you might even get a chance to do some sunbathing in peace too.

Family Holiday Cruise

  • Think Carefully About Destinations

Although a cruise to the Baltic islands might be just the thing for you and your partner, heading to historic cities and cultural wonders might not be the dream holiday for your children. Destinations with a variety of different destinations tend to appeal to kids more so a cruise to the Mediterranean or Greek Islands, like the ones available at Planet Cruise, could be the perfect cruise as there’s a mix of bustling cities and islands to explore.

Family Holiday Cruise

  • Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is essential when cruising with the family so before to book your flights to the port where it sets sail from to arrive at least a day in advance. Missing a cruise is stressful and with airport delays and unexpected problems which can crop up along the way booking your flights for the same day can leave you pushed for time which can be stressful when travelling with the whole family.

  • Pack Cleverly

Once you’ve booked your cruise and got to it, you may not have access to your luggage for while as it takes a long time for all passengers to be boarded and then for the luggage to arrive at your cabin. Plan for this by packing swimwear and towels in your hand luggage, this way you can all start enjoying the ship right away without having to wait around.

By following these top tips, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the family adventure of a lifetime.

Images Courtesy of Planet Cruise

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