Tips For Staying Out And About Over 50

July 13, 2018

Reaching 50 is a milestone, and it’s a time for celebration. You’ve reached an age at which you’re brimming with confidence, you’ve got a wide range of life experience, and you’ve accumulated friends from all sorts of walks of life. It’s a time when you need to pay close attention to maintaining your good health by doing more of some things and less of others. You need to learn how to recognise when enough is enough; this is to say, that you might have to retire from high impact sports, and instead enjoy hiking and trekking with those close to you. Getting older doesn’t have to mean putting an end to the activities you’re passionate about, it just means learning how to give your mind and body additional support where it needs it.

Engage In Low impact Sports

High impact sports are better off avoided when you’re over 50, as the last thing you want is to give yourself an injury that’s going to take weeks, even months, to recover from. Instead, you should stick to activities like cycling, swimming, powerwalking, and low impact water sports such as canoeing, kayaking, and gentle rowing. As it stands, you’re not short of inspiration for getting up and about and engaging in fun activities, just look at the hundreds of amazing over 50s putting old on hold and doing what they love, as SunLife have reported with Tessa, who enjoys to dance.

Nourishing Your Body

Now is the time to devote some time to boosting your culinary skills and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. By the age of 50, you will have figured out what you like, what you don’t, and what constitutes the finer flavours in life. Prepare your kitchen space with your favourite spices, sauces, herbs, seasonings, vinegars, and oils, and begin cooking and baking healthy recipes that you can enjoy at home, and cook for your loved ones as well. Ensure that you eat your five a day, and you can always try to substitute meat for less fatty choices such as vegetarian based dishes.

Tend To The Garden

Pottering in the garden can require much more activity and physical labour than you might at first think. Gardening can burn around 200 calories each hour depending on what you’re doing, however mowing the lawn, weeding, raking, and getting up and stretching all adds up and contributes to you being able to stay fit, healthy, and supple. If you haven’t ventured out into your garden much over the summer, then consider planting some new pansies, small lavender bushes, gardenias, and roses to add colour and vibrancy to your outside space. By doing this, you’ll be creating a place you’ll want to spend more time in whilst reading, completing crosswords, writing letters, and entertaining your family, for example.

Don’t Rush Yourself

Don’t expect too much too soon. Increasing your fitness is a process, regardless of your age. So, try not to cause more harm than good by pushing yourself to walk too far, to do too much, and to run around completing tasks for others just yet. Remember not to be disheartened, and to tell yourself that you will get there, but for now, you’re going to have to wait patiently and enjoy the journey of improving your fitness with every step.

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