Tips On Packing For Holidays With Kids

August 27, 2015

Guest Post by Alice Mason, Community Manager at Dealslands.

When it comes to travelling without kids, you can pack your bag at the last moment too. Things change with kids as you need to make a list of things that you need on the trip in advance, before some weeks.

Packing with kids

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Yes, it is true that with kids you need to pack more items, but it is important to keep the number of bags in limit. So for that you need to keep less number of your clothes, while you keep your kids clothes more in numbers.

Keep your cover up

You can keep a pair of sarongs or kimono for beach cover up. This can be worn with a pair of trousers at night or during day time while sightseeing.

Keep proper footwear

Keep a pair of flip flop which can be worn with any dress, this will save you from keeping different footwear for different dresses.

Keep your favorite dress

Keep a dress e.g maxi dress which can be worn during the summers. A good dress made from cotton will help you to remain cool and keep yourself sweat free. You can wear them at the day time as well as during the night, when you roam around the place.

Apart from this, you need to take care of certain things while you are travelling with your kids.

  • It is better idea to drop your home and hotel address along with each bag. So in case your luggage gets lost, it will become easy for people or hotel authorities to return it back.
  • Make a point to put the clothes of each member in every bag. So in case you lose one of the bags, you will still have clothes to change.
  • Let kids take their own bag with them. You can fill the bag with toys. This will help to keep them busy during the rides.
  • If you child is small then chances are there that her or she may vomit on the trip, so better keep an extra pair of clothes for for your child and for yourself, as you don’t have to stay stinky and wet on the whole trip.
  • Make sure you chocolates, biscuits, snacks as you will need them with kids.
  • Carry some crayons, color books, story books, video games, etc. as they will help you to keep your little ones busy during the long rides.
  • Make sure you carry a sunscreen. When you are on the holiday, this is something that you are going to need every now and then. So make sure you pack them in the luggage. Make sure you pack them properly as you don’t want it to make your bag and other things sticky.
  • Try not to pack your luggage in big bags as it will become tough to carry them and you may end up hurting your back. So better go for two medium sized suitcases for the packing purpose.
  • With kids, make sure you carry medication along with you. This will help you to use them when required. You can also carry a first aid box with bandages as it is possible that your little ones may get bruises during the trip.
  • Try to keep small bottles of shampoos and conditioners, as big bottles will only occupy more space.
  • Make sure that you don’t go for last minute packing for your kids. It is better to make a list of things that you will need for your kids, apart from clothes. Keep on checking out from the list once you keep them in your suitcase.

There are many people who forget some of the important things while packing. So make sure you make a list of products that you want to take with you on the trip.

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