Tips to choose a nice pair of shoes

January 23, 2019

We are using them all day, sitting or standing, driving to the beach or walking to the park on a sunny afternoon. What am I talking about? Our shoes. They are such a critical part of our day-to-day life, yet, sometimes we do not know how to choose them. Is it fine to have just those lovely looking shoes that you saw on the shopping mall last weekend? Or should you give it a second thought? Probably you guessed it, think twice!

What should you consider when looking for a new pair of shoes?  It really depends on the usage, but some qualities are always desirable: durable, fashionable, comfortable and depending where you usually live and work warm and dry. Here is a list:

  • Fashion: This year the colours that we will see on the streets go from the extravagant neons to classical beiges, browns and whites. So now, you know which type of handbags will be trendy and which colours you will need: Many!
  • Durability: It would be terribly embarrassing that your shoes are destroyed in the middle of a presentation or during a lunch with the CEO of your key account. My advice? Go for high quality leather shoes. They are both elegant, warm and dry. Your feet will appreciate it.
  • Soles: This aspect is often overlooked. Why should you look at the sole? After all it’s all the time on the ground. Well, soles are extremely important for the comfort and the safety. Do you live in a dry and warm area? Do you only use these shoes in the office? Then go full classical and elegant with leather shoes. Are you all day on the streets no matter if it’s cold and rainy? Do you need to handle difficult weathers in cities such as London or New York? Then probably you want a rubber sole to avoid any dangerous slips.
  • Boots or shoes? Ah! This is a difficult question. If you live in cold climates, it is easy to become attracted by the warmth of boots. But be aware! If you are a frequent flyer, they will quickly become cumbersome and will take too much space on your hand luggage.

That was a long guide on how to choose shoes for this year. Too busy? Do you want to get it right first try? Then my advice is to go for a pair of Gucci Shoes. Could you really go wrong with them? I do not think so.

But do not think just about the winter. Soon spring will arrive, and we will be looking at trendy and comfortable sandals. Let’s keep that subject for March!

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