Top 5 Garage Door Security Tips to Ensure Your Garage and home are Safe

January 11, 2018

Having a garage is a luxury, but one that many who have one take for granted. Not only does a garage serve to protect vehicles from bad weather, thus, preserving them, it also keeps the vehicles more secure along with any other valuable items that are stored in the garage. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that the garage as secure as possible and with that in mind here are 5 top tips to help do just that.

  1. Install a Security Alarm

As with the house itself, the best form of defense for a garage, as far as security goes, is an alarm system and if it is connected to a private security company, all the better. When assessing the type of alarm to choose, look for a system that includes CCTV cameras – these are more of a deterrent than a simple siren or bell as the footage can be used to help identify the culprits even if, initially, they get away.

  1. Keep Valuable Items Out of Sight 

If your garage has windows, use curtains or blinds to cover them when you aren’t in the garage. People often store bicycles, expensive tools and other valuables in the garage and so even if the car is not in there, but other things are, this could act as an incentive for someone to beak in.

  1. Motion Sensor Lights

On the exterior of the garage, it is a good idea to install motion sensor lights. These are usually high power halogen lights that come on if someone approaches the building. Motion sensor lights are not only off putting to thieves, but also mean the CCTV cameras can get a better look at whoever is lurking around.

  1. Fortify Internal Doors

If your garage has an internal door that leads directly into the house, make sure that it is just as secure as any of the external doors to the house. Thieves often see the internal door as an easy way to get into the main part of the house and so fortifying it is paramount.

  1. Be Conscientious About Remote Controlled Garage Doors 

Many houses now have garages with remote controlled garage doors and while these are very secure, they also need to be used conscientiously. If the car is parked outside the house, make sure the remote control for the door is not left inside the car.

Also, make good use of the timer on the door, so that it shuts automatically should you forget to close it as you leave the property.

Don’t forget that the garage is simply an extension of the main house and should be treated so when it comes to making it secure.



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