Top Tips on How to Protect Your Car Against the Sun

August 6, 2018

Summer is already here, and the hot weather is beaming in on us non-stop, making it more apparent to motorists that the intense heat and light from the sun can be damaging to our vehicles. However, while this might be inevitable throughout this season of the year, there are many things you can do to help protect your car against the sun and go about your average life without the worry of returning to a car that has been thoroughly damaged.

Try to Park in the Shade

While parking in the sun sounds like a good idea at the time, and it might keep you warm and make it easier for you to bask in the heat without the need to get out and about, being sat in direct line of the sun is the worst thing you could do to your car. Not only does it bake the inside of the car to an unbearable temperature, but it also leaves the paintwork with permanent (and obvious) sun damage – fading the original colour of the car.

Regularly Wash and Dry Your Car

If your car is sat in the sun for too long, any dirt and scratches on the paintwork will become more obvious in the heat, more so than you’d like them to be. On the same note, giving your car a thorough wash, polishing it off and drying it before the sun does helps fight against sun damage and makes it harder for the heat to burn through the protective chemicals covering the paintwork.

Wax the Outside

The wax you can buy from a service station, vehicle garage or hardware store is very different to that you get when a candle melts after the wick is lit, but in fact, is of a similar consistency when liquified through significant heat. Car wax acts as a shield when dried and takes a hit from the sun, meaning the car’s paintwork is not as likely to fade if a coating of wax is applied beforehand. It’s worth making the investment, though you’d only have to spare around £7 for a big bottle of the stuff!

Keep on Top of Fluid Levels

The fluids in your motor each serve a purpose, which is why it’s so important for you to ensure they are frequently topped up when it’s too warm outside. This is for no reason other than to avoid the levels burning down to a minimum, with the most important being engine coolant. As you may well know, the sun often comes with extortionate heat and like every fluid on the planet, it means those levels are bound to rapidly decrease to some extent. Think of your motor as you do yourself,

Condition Leather Seats

Like with anything that is left out in the sun, eventually, it’s going to dry out. Think of it as you would with failure to cover your lips with lip balm in the winter; well, in the summer season, leather is bound to crack when too dry. There is a way to avoid this which doesn’t just involve opting for suede seats instead, but in fact, requires just a small investment: leather sear conditioner. Though there are many risks of dampening leather material, conditioning your car’s leather seats can be just as effective as doing the same process for your hair. And in the end, you’d be saving yourself the money of having to repair or replace them thanks to the sun damage.

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