Unclaimed Lottery Prize Money Means Unparalled Investments

May 6, 2015

Millions of us still play the lottery every week, whether it’s the traditional Lotto game that we’ve all come to know and love over the past 20 years or one of the many other daily or weekly draws or even the continent-wide games like EuroMillions.

The risk versus reward argument associated with lots of other forms of gambling doesn’t really exist here, especially if you only play now and again. Many only play when there is a mega rollover jackpot or on and around special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

However, there are plenty of us who buy our tickets and then either lose them or fail to check them with the fact that we entered completely slipping our minds because of other things going on (and a generally poor memory!!) This means that lottery organisers have tons of unclaimed prize money sat in their account waiting to be collected by the lucky ticket holders.

Lottosend, who allow players to buy their lottery tickets online for draws all over the world, looked into this a bit more closely and found that there was actually a staggering $2 billion in unclaimed prize money sitting in the lottery organisers’ accountants – TWO BILLION! It takes your breath away doesn’t it!

Now the majority of us have probably thought about what we’d do if we won the lottery (if you hadn’t, you probably are now), and we might have thought about going on luxury holidays, buying huge houses and driving away from a showroom with our dream cars. This graphic shows you just what you could buy with that $2 billion though and some of the purchases would be amazing – both in the short and long-term!

There’s everything from buying significant stakes in some of the biggest companies in the world to multiple supercars and even aeroplanes! You could even clear the national debt of a whole country with that sum of money, and we’ve not even started on the clothes, shoes and bags you could buy!

See for yourself:

Unclaimed Lottery Prize Money Means Unparalled Investments

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  • Reply Isabelle Ellis

    This is really interesting. Think I’d had a field day spending all that money!! 🙂 hehe

  • Reply Kate Hove

    I would definitely have to buy the Maldives!!!

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