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November 27, 2014

I always like to do a good juicing session at this time of year to help rid any lumps and bumps I don’t want to show when I’m wearing my party dresses.

Uzuma Uzuma

A few weeks ago I chose Uzuma for my juicing detox and I think this statement will tell you why.

“At Uzuma, we are dedicated to producing fresh and healthy sumptuous green juices, delivered to your front door without shipping costs! All of our of green juice recipes have all been individually crafted to ensure they are refreshing, tasty, and most importantly, packed full of all the essential vitamins, enzymes and compounds you need to support a healthy lifestyle. Just one 240ml bottle of our freshly pressed green juice contains the same nutrition as 1 kilo of fresh vegetables and fruit, and can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience.”

Sounds great right? It really is. I still can’t quite get over how tasty they were. I mean I actually LOVED drink every single bottle. The flavour variety and combinations are out of this world and work so well that each juice is easy to drink and very delicious.

Something I really like about the Uzuma Slim Programme is that you drink 7 juices a day (1 bottle every two hours) so you literally have no time to feel hungry and your energy levels always stay up which for me when I’m busy running a company, doing my blog, taking one child to school and having the other at home for me is a very good thing.

I opted for the weekly Slim Programme but they have a 4 programs to choose from which are: Slim, Steady, Fit and Detox.


The Slim Programme consists of 7 different flavoured juices that get switched round in order each day you drink them. The 7 juices are:

Rise: ¾ of an orange – ½ a Granny Smith – ½ a slice of pineapple – 1 ½ carrots – a squeeze of lemon for a little added zest
Aura: 1/6 of a Chinese cabbage – 2.5 cm of cucumber – 1 stick of celery – 16 spinach leaves – 1 ¼ of a Granny Smith – a pinch of ginger for an extra kick
Fuse: 1 ½ carrots – ½ an apple – 1 stick of celery – 2cm of cucumber – ½ a beetroot – 2 zesty squeezes of lime
Karma: 1½ apples – 30 leaves of spinach – 2½ kale leaves – ½ a broccoli stalk (stem and florets) – 2cm of cucumber – 0.33 a banana
Vibe: 3 beetroots – 4/5 of an orange – 3 sticks of celery – ½ a carrot – pinch of basil for some extra anti-oxidant support
Zen: 1 1/5 apples – 4 cm of cucumber – 20 grams of fennel – 1/8 of an avocado – 12 leaves of spinach – 3 leaves of Chinese kale – 1 leaf of kale – ¼ of a broccoli stalk (stem and florets) – 1 squeeze of a lime – 1 pinch of ginger (for that little extra kick!)
Shine: 1 orange – 1 ¾ of carrots – ½ a cantaloupe melon – ½ a mango making to a tantalizingly tropical taste

Uzuma is based in the Netherlands but as they freeze their juices they will happily deliver to the UK for free may I add and best of all, your juices are still frozen on delivery so you know they are as fresh as can be.

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  • Reply Emma Watterington

    I could really do with a good cleanse before Christmas and new year (I always eat too much when its the holidays)

  • Reply Jen W

    I love beetroot juice 🙂

  • Reply Amber L

    Looks delicious. I just finished my first ever juices cleanse, I only did 3 days but feel so good from it.

  • Reply Nadia

    I’ve not heard of this brand before but their juices sound delicious

  • Reply Jessie Loves

    I really like juicing and do them every 3 months to have a good clean out of my body. This is a new brand to me but the juices sound so nice. I hate some where you have to gag them down as they taste so bad. xx

  • Reply Rebecca Kay

    I love fresh pressed juice!

  • Reply Victoria Thomas

    Love reading about all these different brands you write about. I wouldn’t ever know about them if it wasn’t for you! Keep it up girl xx

  • Reply Sparkle Fairy

    I’ve just turned vegan so would love some of these just for during every day!!

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