Vichy Dermablend

May 26, 2014

Vichy Dermablend

Vichy Dermablend was designed for people with serious skin imperfections like acne scars or pigmentation problems.

Now, we all know I don’t have any of those but because I love the concept of this product so I thought I would give it little review anyway.  I mean come on, a product that covers EVERYTHING, why wouldn’t I shout to the world about it?

I was a little upset when I first applied it that it as it looked like it was clinging to some dry areas I had (which doesn’t look good)…but after a few moments it somehow changed as it warmed up and sank into my skin leaving it looking smooth and flawless (WOAH – really taken back there). Your skin changes just like magic in front of your eyes.

I must say that most of all, I love how it covers my tattoo…just for days where I don’t really want it there (will definitely be using this to cover it when I get married) you wouldn’t even know it was on there (the tattoo or the makeup). It doesn’t smudge or rub off easily and I think with a nice amount of the setting powder it will work wonders.

Have you tried Vichy Dermablend? What do you think about it?

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  • Reply Hannah

    SO glad you said about it not looking great to start with. It doesn’t ever seem to work well on my skin, not even if i leave it to warm up and settle…just looks bad every time 🙁 Shame as it sounds like a great product.

    • Reply Lorraine

      Sorry it didn’t ever work out for you babe. 🙁 x

  • Reply Sian Wallis

    I really like the Dermablend products. I’ve been using the new compact for the past week and it makes my skin look amazing. So fresh and smooth and it covers my dark spots perfectly. Couldn’t be happier with it! Sian x

    • Reply Lorraine

      I’m interested in trying the compact at some point to see how different the finish is from the foundation. Happy to hear you like their products! X

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