Ways to Work When You Are a ‘Stay at Home Mum’

April 9, 2014

After giving birth to children, us mothers seem to get classified in one of two ways: either we are ‘stay at home mums’ where we wave goodbye to the workplace, or we are ‘working mum’s’ where we wave goodbye to the kids. This seems like a fairly outdated concept in a world where a lot of business takes place over the internet; there is no reason that we as parents cannot take advantage of this fact. No longer do we need to be one thing or the other, but our worlds can simply merge so we can work from home if that is what we so desire.

In fact, the idea can be quite exciting! This is especially true if you have stifled years of creative thoughts within the working environment. Of course, working for yourself can be tough and you are likely to meet some challenges on the way. Yet you also get the benefit of flexibility, which is something that is important to many parents with a busy family home.

So if you are inspired to think about working from home in the future, here are just a few ideas about what you could actually do for a living…

Become a tutor

If you have a passion that you want to share, you could think about becoming a tutor. Whether you are really into the English language or are extremely proficient when it comes to playing the clarinet, there are likely people out there who want to learn more in that area. Some people offer tutoring sessions within their own homes, whilst others will go to homes within their neighbourhood. It would be up to you to decide which method would work better for your situation.

Sell products online

However you could also think about starting up an e-commerce business. Many people start off by selling things on eBay or Etsy before deciding to make their own website. There are quite a few things to get to grips with such as handling orders and fulfilling them, but this can work quite well in the flexibility department. When it comes to selling goods online, you may want to become a reseller for items that have come from a supplier, or you may want to produce your own jewellery, clothes or crafts to sell.


Offer a specialist skill

Then again, you could offer your services to other people around the country or even the world. This is possible to do through the internet if you have a related specialist skill such as web design or digital marketing. If you don’t already have these skills, there are places online where you can learn them first. For example, you could find Microsoft training online available here, and on the same site there are courses for the basics of web development. You could be building websites and blogs for other people in no time!


Of course there are many other options for working at home, and it would be interesting to hear some of your ideas too. Leave me a comment below to get the discussion started…

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