A Week Of Christmas Gift Ideas: Elemis

November 22, 2013

As you all must know by now, I’m a BIG candle lover so today’s gift idea is a beautiful candle.

Christmas gift ideas


I think candles make such great gifts for all occasions as they are one of the things that scents can change depending on season.

My first thoughts of The Elemis Scent of Spa Candle was WOW! What packaging! From that moment I was kind of hooked (easy to please huh) I love the purple, I love the crocodile skin effect and the bow – what a bow it is, it all made such a pretty combination and really stunned my eyes.

Elemis Scent Of Spa Candle

On opening the box the first this that got me was the smell, goodness me it was like walking into a magical land of yummyness. Its warm and comforting with scents of cinnamon, orange and vanilla.

Then my eyes spied the golden rim of the glass tumbler and I just had to pull it out of the box to take a closer look. The purple from the packaging is continued on the outside of the tumbler but its shiny and has a beautiful design over it (or rather under it). I have to say it’s one of the most breathtaking candles i seen.

Elemis Scent Of Spa Candle

Something great I need to tell you about this candle is that is has an amazing burn time of 40 hours – just imagine how many relaxing baths you could have with this!

We are going to be lighting it on Christmas day as I think its just so special and then I’ll definitely be spending lots of time in the bath with it.

Disclosure: This candle was sent for the purpose of the post.

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