A Week Of Christmas Gift Ideas: John Lewis Hampers

November 21, 2013

This is the one you’ve been waiting for guys! The one with the giveaway πŸ™‚ How about a lovely Christmas Hamper???

Christmas gift ideas

John Lewis Winter Warmer Hamper


John Lewis Christmas Hamper

Doesn’t this look just divine and oh so christmasy! The hamper really shouts out christmas to me, I am in love with the ovalΒ wicker basket. It’s just so beautiful! Not to mention how they have even dressed the basket up, the knitted lining and those little buttons. I want to lay a newborn baby in it and take photo after photo!!

John Lewis Christmas Hamper
The Winter Warmer Hamper is bursting full with a variety of festive goodies. There’s fairtrade coffee for your morning, Merlot Italiano to accompany dinner and a chocolate fudge stir in hot chocolate spoon for the evening.

And as for nibbles, it has everything from shortbread and truffles to the largest marshmallows I’ve ever seen.

With a winter berries candle and a pair of glass and steel mugs, this hamper is perfect as a gift for someone special or a team who have worked hard this year.


  • Regions Merlot Italiano 75cl
  • Glass & Stainless Steel Mugs, Set of 2
  • Flame Homeware Winter Berries Candle in Tin
  • Lessiters Mulled Wine Truffles, 190g
  • Maxwell & Franks Christmas Pudding
  • Duncan’s of Deeside Chocolate Chip Scottish Shortbread, 200g
  • Bramble Foods Luxury Cranberry Nougat, 125g
  • Haribo Chamallows Marshmallows, 100g
  • House of Dorchester Chocolate Fudge Stir In Hot Chocolate Spoon, 30g
  • Atkins & Potts Milk Chocolate Dipper, 220g
  • Old Hamlet Wine & Spice Mulled Wine Sachet, 28g
  • Cottage Delight Mini Mince Pies with Almond Topping
  • House of Dorchester Gingerbread Stir In Hot Chocolate Spoon, 30g
  • Clipper Fairtrade One for the Road Roast & Ground Coffee, 100g

I think theΒ John Lewis Winter Warmer Hamper would make a lovely gift for someone over this festive period. It would also be a wonderful thing to buy in for the family to share. Either way you will not be disappointed by it!

Now for the good part. How would you like to win this bad boy? Please enter using the rafflecopter widget below. and don’t forget to leave a comment telling me what you most love about christmas.

 John Lewis Christmas Hamper

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If you’re not sure how to enter, feel free to watchΒ this video tutorial.

Disclosure: I was sent both these hampers. One to share and one to run the giveaway.

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  • Reply Simone Mcdonald

    best thing about xmas is spending uninterupted time with my daughter and mum and brother just snuggled in house with a lovely selection of nibbles and christmas movies

  • Reply Chris Banks

    Best thing about christmas is being with the family, and just having chill out time with them. The world and your problems can wait for one day.

  • Reply Joanne Hardy

    I love making my daughters happy and I love spending the day with my family. I also love the Christmas episode of Downton πŸ™‚

    Many thanks


    the winter warmer hamper looks scrummy fingers crossed xx

  • Reply aj

    Love spebding time with the family


    and the christmas movies on tv are always a must in our house x

  • Reply charlotte bendon

    Love spending time with my family

  • Reply iain maciver

    spending time with the family

  • Reply Jacqueline Ford

    I love to watch ‘The Holiday’ dvd with my teenage daughter on Christmas Eve and then eat and drink far too much on Christmas Day with my family around me.

  • Reply Claire Power

    I just love spending time with the family in doors playing games drinking hot chocolate and just chilling out

  • Reply Pat Stubbs

    watching the grandchildren open their presents

  • Reply ellie g potter

    l love family get toghethers a christmas and the smell of christmas pudding x

  • Reply Sharon Griffin

    I love the mulled wine and mince pies, the presents under the tree, the christmas carols and fairylights and most of all i love being with my lovely little family xxx

  • Reply William Gould

    Best things about Christmas is the traditional dinner, the decorations and not having to go to work!

  • Reply Margaret

    The winter warmer hamper , I love eating nice food at Christmas

  • Reply Lucie Aiston

    What I love most about christmas is the joy it brings to my children, family time and the food!

  • Reply Michael Cannon

    I love spending more time at home with the family and their faces when they see their presents.

  • Reply Rey Chunara

    The chance to get together with family and old friends who I don’t get to see the rest of the year

  • Reply Hazel Rea

    I love it when we all sit down to our first full Christmas meal by candlelight on Christmas Eve.

  • Reply Jo-Anne holton

    i love being with the family, my boys faces when they see the santa has been, and all the excitment on christmas eve!!!!! Priceless!!!

  • Reply Rena Plumridge

    The winter warmer hamper please

  • Reply pete

    relaxing, enjoying time with family away from work

  • Reply Jennifer Bailey

    Lots of yummy stuff to eat.

  • Reply Catherine Whittall

    Winter warmer hamper

  • Reply Lisa Sands

    Winter Warmer Hamper πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Reply Tracy Nixon

    The Winter Warmer hamper sound lovely thank you!

  • Reply Anne Hawley

    I love all the food at Christmas!

  • Reply Steven Appleton

    Winter Warmer Hamper please

  • Reply Alexa Schoolar

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks lovely

  • Reply Emma Gallagher

    Winter Warmer Hamper looks devine

  • Reply Rosalind Sargent

    I Love the look of the Winter Warmer Hamper

  • Reply Sue Gill

    It looks brilliant

  • Reply Sandra Stitchell

    Mulled wine on a cold frosty night, yum

  • Reply glenn hutton

    Spending time with the family and generally people just seem happier!

  • Reply glenn hutton

    John Lewis Winter Warmer Hamper please…

  • Reply Theresa Williams

    The best thing is quality time with the family around the fire with all the decorations twinkling, love it!

  • Reply Catherine Williams

    I love being cuddled up on the sofa with my hubby watching Christmas films

  • Reply Freegg Sims

    Love having lots of time with the family πŸ˜€

  • Reply Rachael G

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks fabulous!

  • Reply Cerys

    Winter warmer looks fantastic. Sorry I don’t have a twitter account, does this mean I’m disqualified? Hope not! X

  • Reply JULIE D. BANKS

    The winter warmer please – it looks fantastic

  • Reply Rebecca Jones

    Winter Warmer looks gorgeous for an indulgent Xmas Eve! x

  • Reply Karen C(@Swimstar2000)

    I love the build up to Christmas, decorating the tree, advent calendars and wrapping pressies

  • Reply Tracey Belcher

    Family time – This year 4 generations together will be so special πŸ™‚ love mince pies and brandy cream – the winter warmer looks fab x

  • Reply Allan Smith

    winter warmer hamper

  • Reply Suzanne Cooke

    I love the excitement from my daughter when she comes downstairs, not too fond of the crack of dawn wake up call however.

  • Reply anna horrocks

    I am looking forward to seeing all my family, the winter warmer hamper looks delicious and I would love to try those truffles!

  • Reply claire woods

    No internet. Spending quality time together as a family.

  • Reply Joyce Butler

    spending time with my granddaughter

  • Reply paula stephens

    the best thing about Christmas year will be spending time with my first granddaughter Chloe

  • Reply lorna kennedy

    the winter warmer hamper to have with the kids x

  • Reply anthony harrington

    this looks wonderful! I love spending quality time with the family over the festive period.

  • Reply Amy Beckett

    I love spending time with the family. Me and the bf are having our first christmas as our new family with the puppy – can’t wait to watch her savage her present open.

  • Reply anthony harrington

    the winter warmer hamper looks lovely!

  • Reply Vivien Baird

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks lovely. I love Christmas and having all the family together.

  • Reply steven young

    Best thing about Christmas is the getting together with family who live in other parts of the world, forgetting about all our troubles, relaxing and enjoying each others company.
    Really looking forward to this year!

  • Reply Allison Campbell

    The winter warmer hamper looks lovely

  • Reply marina frow

    the best thing is getting to spend quality time at home with my family, without pressures of shopping, work etc.

  • Reply Paul Wilson

    Christmas lunch with the Maxwell & Franks Christmas Pudding after would be great.

  • Reply natalie blyth

    love spending time with the family


    winter warmer πŸ™‚

  • Reply Andrew Petrie

    Mulled wine.It’s just so Christmassy.

  • Reply Rob Baker

    Seeing the look of delight when my family open the presents I’ve bought for them, strangely I much prefer that to any present I receive πŸ™‚

  • Reply Paul Bennett

    Winter Warmer

  • Reply Lorraine Tinsley

    I want all of the flavours, especially anything sweet πŸ™‚

  • Reply liz denial

    This Christmas will be so special for me as it’s the first Christmas in 14 years that I’ll be with my family & there will be 4 generations of us as it’s my great niece’s 1st christmas

  • Reply bekki ryan

    i love spending quiet time with my family relaxing at home.

    i like the John Lewis Vintage Holly Christmas Hamper

  • Reply Kirsteen Mackay

    The best thing about Christmas is being with my family and watching my children’s excitement as they realise Santa’s been.

  • Reply melanie harbor

    Seeing the kids faces when they realise Santa has been !!

  • Reply Simone

    The Winter warmer hamper sounds great.

  • Reply hajnalka salter

    it does asking me tell me which flavour you want? ????? Of what?? Well I like chocolate so I guess chocolate

  • Reply val Swift

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks amazing

  • Reply Spencer Blakeman

    I just love this time of year and this hamper would make it even greater.

  • Reply Robert Smith

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks fabulous!

  • Reply Paul Martin

    winter warmer hamper

  • Reply Rachel Arnup

    I love the food and drink and also being with family and seeing their enjoyment of Xmas too!

  • Reply Beverley

    The chance to relax with family, enjoy some good food and quality time but most of all the general atmosphere of fun and happiness.

  • Reply brenda heads

    I used to love the fact that we were all off together but now the children have grown up and got jobs some work over the Christmas holiday. Harder to get together but so worth it.

  • Reply Kat Lucas

    I love spending time with family and friends and would love the Winter Warmer hamper

  • Reply sofia s.

    the winter warmer hamper

  • Reply Helen Aiken

    The best thing about Christmas is relaxing with my husband and daughter. I also love to see my daughter opening her presents. Love seeing her happy. πŸ™‚

    Fingers crossed. – The hamper looks absolutely brilliant, so fingers crossed.

  • Reply karen davey


  • Reply Victoria

    Winter Warmer Hamper for me πŸ™‚

  • Reply Victoria

    The thing I most love about Christmas is spending time with family…and all the delicious food!

  • Reply michelle muirhead

    Winter Warmer Hamper

  • Reply Christina Curtis

    Best thing is time off and spending it with loved ones.

    They both look amazing! Winter Warmer Hamper is my fav. xx

  • Reply Rosie

    the best thing about Christmas is being with family, and having a laugh

  • Reply julie laing

    best thing about xmas is spending time with the family

  • Reply kayleigh white

    I love the run up to Christmas.
    Late November sees me eager to pop the decorations up, playing Christmas music on the TV, burning spiced infused candles and shopping for toys.
    Then as Christmas Eve arrives the hole family gets ready, preparing tomorrows meal whilst sipping on a glass or two of wine.
    Christmas day brings happiness, and chaos when the whole family (9 adults and 11 children) huddle around a cosy table to eat our dinner.

  • Reply Claire Smith

    The best thing about Christmas is when it’s over …..Bah Humbug!!!!

  • Reply Emma Hawkins

    The winter warmer hamper please

  • Reply Annette Hanley

    I love Christmas to me it’s a few days with my husband and children in our own little happy world with no worries or stresses

  • Reply Annette Hanley

    The winter warmer hamper sounds lovely

  • Reply Zoe G

    I love spending time with the family

  • Reply Renate Kriegler Edwards

    I love sozzled snuggles on the sofa!

  • Reply Amanda Hattie

    The Winter Warmer hamper looks great and the best thing about Christmas is seeing the happiness in my child’s face when opening all his presents.

  • Reply Joanne Mapp

    The best thing is being able to spend quality time with my family

  • Reply Scott Holloway

    i love unwrapping the prezzies still like a big kid
    the Vintage Holly Christmas Hamper looks tasty

  • Reply Hilda Hazel wright

    I love shutting out the world and several days of complete and utter self indulgence!

  • Reply Matthew King

    That feeling in the air…..

  • Reply Danielle woodman

    I love seeing my childrens faces as they unwrap their presents.

  • Reply Cris Curran

    I love spending time with family and all the yummy food!

  • Reply Larry M

    The Family get togethers & the food.

  • Reply Richard Eldred Hawes

    Time with family & friends and of course the food

  • Reply J Feathers

    having my family around me, especially watching my 2 grandchildren open their presents

  • Reply rupert summerton

    spending time with family

  • Reply Helen Barton

    The excitement of my 2 sons, I love watching them open their presents, and my husband has a some time off work too.

  • Reply sandra rubery

    seeing the kids open thier presents

  • Reply Camilla Kenna

    Amazing, John Lewis is my favorite place to shop!! I am keeping my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  • Reply Camilla Kenna

    Sitting around the table looking from happy face to happy face enjoying just sitting and being with all the people I love. x

  • Reply Alana Walker

    I just love enjoying quality time with my family and eating yummy food and creating happy memories.x

  • Reply Denise E Sansum

    Love hampers to share with family

  • Reply lynn lewer

    Spending time with my family

  • Reply Susan Crosswaite

    the music, the food and the fun

  • Reply Laura Pritchard

    Being with my family playing games & eating loads, wrapping presents, my son’s face, & the tree!

  • Reply David Fendick

    Relaxing with friends

  • Reply Paul

    The family traditions we have started ourselves since we became a family

  • Reply Becky R

    I love everything about Christmas! I couldn’t possibly choose just one thing. There’s the Christmas tress and decorations, the lights and sparkle, the music, presents, food, parties, snow, time off work… the list is endless!

  • Reply Sarah Hargreaves

    I love Christmas makes me feel like a kid again when I get up with my kids to see all the presents!


    this sounds awful i know but i hate xmas now im a mother. its so stressful, i dont sleep and i get sick with nerves. i worry about evberything; theres not enough food, i havent got enough or the right gifts; how am i going to pay for it all. i love it when its over.

  • Reply Su Tyler

    The best thing these days is the peace and quiet of it. Christmas day is a skype session with son in Australia. Oldest son goes to his in-laws on Christmas day so we don’t see him until Boxing Day. Then he comes with his wife and 3 year old son! Lots of laughs and lovely times!

  • Reply Mandy Waller

    All of it πŸ™‚

  • Reply Hayley Wakenshaw

    I actually really really enjoy buying presents!

  • Reply Judy Beba-Thompson

    I love it all, but best is the last few moments of each evening, tv off, the only lights from the Christmas tree, enjoying the peace and the beauty of the tree. That is Christmas magic, and that’s what I love best. Merry Christmas!

  • Reply Helen Keene

    Pretty much everything – spending time with the family, the food, time off work, prezzies… what’s not to love?

  • Reply Lynsey Buchanan

    I love spending time with my family

  • Reply Catherine McAlinden

    I love watching the kids open their presents!

  • Reply Carol Greenfield

    Best thing about Christmas is meeting up with family you haven’t seen for a year, next best thing is homemade turkey soup.

  • Reply Samantha Gunn

    I love everyone getting together πŸ™‚


    I love……………………my grandsons’ smiles, laughter and chuckles on Christmas morning

  • Reply kathleen waite

    I love being at home with my family

  • Reply Danielle Maycox

    I love all the food haha! πŸ˜€

  • Reply sam swain

    seeing my kids when they see the tree with presents under it on Christmas morning

  • Reply Paula Phillips

    All the lovely food we can eat.

  • Reply lyn burgess

    I love seeing family that I haven’t seen for a while and catching up on all the news

  • Reply claire griffiths

    i love everything about christmas from seeing my childrens faces when opening their gifts to all the yummy food we get to eat πŸ™‚ x

  • Reply Hayley

    everything! the smell of the christmas tree especially

  • Reply John Lynch

    Getting the family together

  • Reply Louise Smith

    Everything. From putting the tree up on December 1st to seeing my 5 year old daughter’s face when she sees her presents

  • Reply Ruth Harwood

    The best thing about Christmas is watching my son open his pressies xxx

  • Reply Emily OMara

    Having some time off to relax and see family

  • Reply Lauren Hamilton

    I love spending time with my family at christmas πŸ˜‰

  • Reply kellyjo walters

    the fact you can eat good quality food all day without feeling guilty

  • Reply julie booth

    I love giving presents to people I love.

  • Reply Denise Walker

    i love the food, the christmas tree and lights and the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you watch someone you love open the presents you bought xxxx

  • Reply Jo Richards

    The looks on my 3 childrens faces when they open their presents

  • Reply Fiona Paley

    All the family getting together to open presents and have dinner.

  • Reply Sarah Welsh

    Cold noses, hot mulled wine and smiley faces!

  • Reply Erica Price

    The Magic

  • Reply Eva Palmer

    The potential of miracles.

  • Reply Clare F Wood

    How it excites the children

  • Reply Nikki Stewart

    The time we spend with the whole family

  • Reply Christina Noble

    I love watching the kids open their pressies

  • Reply Janice Mackin

    Spending time with my family.

  • Reply Alison Joyce

    Everything but especially how excited my daughter gets.

  • Reply Lyn Bosomworth

    watching the kids open their presents

  • Reply Jodie B

    seeing family

  • Reply Rosalind Blight

    Spending time with my family and seeing everybody (especially my children) happy

  • Reply Debra Winfield

    Waking up to excited children, ripping open their presents…then savouring a mug of coffee whilst they play with their toys, scoffing smoked salmon bagels & champagne for breakfast (my present) then its pinny on to cook for all the family πŸ™‚

  • Reply Melanie Gardiner

    Having some quality time with the family, the chance to snuggle up with a good film and some munchines and the general goodwill to all men that really does exist

  • Reply Joanne Welsh

    Giving gifts that I know people will love

  • Reply mrs linda gill

    chilling out watching tv , sharing with family

  • Reply Lucy Dorrington

    Having time to spare!

  • Reply Kimmie Alex

    Presents of course! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Sue Harrison

    The excitement of the children when they realise Santa has been !

  • Reply linda curtis

    the smells satsumas real trees and mulled wine

  • Reply Daniel Grimes

    Spending time with the family.

  • Reply Meryl Rees

    Where do I start?! Time off work (nice and long), family in and out, lovely smells, lovely food, great telly, lots of church services that help me bring back my mind the real meaning, oh, loads of things! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Angie Hoggett

    time to enjoy everything as a family and see relatives I don’t see very often

  • Reply tracy scutt

    Extra time with family in a lovely twinkling festive home.x

  • Reply Janet Palmer

    I love the togetherness of christmas, I love having my family around me and watching the joy on their faces when they open their gifts and realise that yes their hints were heard πŸ™‚

  • Reply Lani Nash

    Being with the family … oh and presents πŸ™‚

  • Reply Kirsten Barthy

    Seeing the kids faces on Christmas morning

  • Reply Natasha Male

    The food, the booze & the festivities πŸ™‚

  • Reply Frances Hopkins

    The Food!!!!

  • Reply darius

    Christmas Spirit

  • Reply natalja

    I love Christmas Tree decoration

  • Reply maureen

    father christmas of course!

  • Reply Lorraine Pigott

    I love the decorations, the lights and sparkle make me feel all festive! and the finger food, omg… πŸ™‚

  • Reply Claire Richards

    Obviously spending time with my family and friends, but also having an excuse to scoff loads of Quality Street and Mince Pies!

  • Reply arabella bazley

    Log fires and hot chocolate, though a little mulled wine is lovely too.

  • Reply kirstie kenton

    The thing i love about Christmas is been with all the family on Christmas day.

  • Reply June Gaynor

    I love spending time with my family

  • Reply Andrew Halliwell

    The doctor who christmas special

  • Reply Catherine Bell

    I love giving presents

  • Reply Fiona Mallard

    I love getting to see all my family, as we’re rarely all together otherwise

  • Reply Katie Robertson

    Spending quality time with family & friends x

  • Reply maureen.m

    love everything!!!!

  • Reply Sharon McGuinness

    Having a chilled out day with family after a hectic build up. Watch t.v, eat till you fall asleep.

  • Reply Emily Nelson

    i love that even though its hectic and tiring – The whole family is enjoying themselves and feeling great!

  • Reply jodie harvey

    everything, even the mad rush before. the kids faces xmas day makes it worth it…. priceless

  • Reply Diane Jackson

    Spending time the family… And the food!

  • Reply cecelia Allen

    I love the excitement of children, Christmas carols and families getting together

  • Reply Kathleen Lynch

    I love Christmas Eve, there is a magical quality to the whole day.

  • Reply Ashley Beolens

    Over indulgence in food

  • Reply CL Tommy

    Cold evenings and christmas lights

  • Reply Saran Benjamin

    All of it :0)

  • Reply katrina walsh

    Closing the door on all the outside world and its problems and being happily snuggled in with the people I love most in the world

  • Reply Claire Appleton

    Quality time with my family, but my most favourite part is seeing my children’s excited faces light up Christmas morning πŸ™‚

  • Reply Kamara H

    Festive cheer! Seeing shops and streets decorated in fairy lights and Christmas themed decorations is the best feeling.

  • Reply Kel Ellen Hirst

    A huge feast with the family! X

  • Reply Sheila Reeves

    All the family getting together, eating a huge amount of turkey and playing silly board games

  • Reply Deborah Wheeler

    Everyone being together even if for only 1 day

  • Reply katie smith

    I love my kids faces on Christmas morning and the food!

  • Reply Amanda Milton

    I love spending time with family and having a totally chilled out day without having to rush anywhere

  • Reply Nicola Aldridge

    I love spending time with my family. This year will be the first year that my eldest son is old enough to appreciate what christmas is and about the day πŸ™‚ i also really enjoy knowing im not going to get disurbed by cold callers either at my door or on the phone. and just spending time with my family is so perfect.

  • Reply Sherri Fordham

    what i love most about christmas is my childrens faces when they see the pile of presents and rip them open

  • Reply Natalie Crossan

    My daughters face when she opens her pressies x

  • Reply Liz Marriott

    All the food….

  • Reply Christine Caple

    The opportunity to get all the family together.

  • Reply Veronica Therawati

    christmas dinner with family

  • Reply paula burnside

    There nothing about Christmas that I dont love but the absolute best thing is getting to spend lots of time together as a family (eating lots of mince pies)

  • Reply olivia kirby

    Having all the family together, playing games, eating nice food and having fun.

  • Reply Rhydian P

    I love all the food you get to eat at christmas

  • Reply Angela Millar

    I love having the family together, the youngest at 7 at the eldest home from Uni, lots of silly games, smiles and fun

  • Reply Hayley Wynn

    Spending quality time time with my family

  • Reply n parker

    EVERYTHING!!! πŸ™‚

  • Reply Jan Morris

    I’ve always loved spending time with my family, but moreso this year, as my first grandchild is due…so exciting!

  • Reply suzanna gentle

    great food and family

  • Reply Alison Macdonald

    The build up and excitement in the run up to Christmas. Seeing my children’s faces on Christmas morning πŸ™‚

  • Reply Keeley Atkinson

    Watching films with loads of yummy snacks like fruit, nuts, brandy snaps, pretzels <3

  • Reply Trudi Walsh

    Seeing all my family x

  • Reply maria sanderson

    Spending quality time together

  • Reply Vicki A Smith

    The atmosphere. Everybody, however stressed, is in high spirits πŸ™‚

  • Reply Clint Howat

    Being with the family.

  • Reply Florence Cross

    I love all the family being together, 4 generations under 1 roof.

  • Reply Amelia

    I love waking up and seeing the kids faces when they see their stockings are full!

  • Reply sarah mills

    Christmas morning

  • Reply Val Hartley

    I love seeing my grandchildrens faces when they open their presents

  • Reply Sharon Wormald

    Ive finally lost my 3 and a half stone baby weight so i cant wait for the Christmas Dinner!!!Just hope i can eat it! Christmas is a fantastic time to be with friends and family x

  • Reply Aurelia Fredon

    The Food πŸ˜€

  • Reply Philip Thomas Boyle

    Relaxing with family and excessive food and alcohol consumption.

  • Reply Sarah S

    So many things! The children’s excitement, the food, drinking alcohol for breakfast, the Dr Who special….

  • Reply Honora Livesey

    Catching up with family and seeing people’s faces when they love their presents πŸ™‚

  • Reply donna clinton

    everything,i love family time,food presents and seeing my kids so happy

  • Reply Ros Marshall

    The scent of freshly brewed mulled wine and newly baked Christmas cake, the glee on my children’s faces, and even the madness of multitasking the dinner! x

  • Reply hayley f

    giving presents x

  • Reply kristy brown

    The whole family getting together

  • Reply Adele Hill

    The best thing about Christmas is watching my kids faces as they open their presents.

  • Reply Karen Lloyd

    The special time that we spend together as a family.

  • Reply Paula Harvey

    I love all the food you wouldnt eat at other times of the year – my favourite being Turkey, Sausage, Stuffing and Gravy sandwiches! πŸ˜€

  • Reply Tamsin Dean

    love catching up with family and friends and having a good laugh

  • Reply Hannah ONeill

    The food!


    Having family all together for a day

  • Reply Mia Clarke

    eat drink and be merry

  • Reply Janet Rumley

    family are all together

  • Reply Anne Woodthorpe

    I love visiting family

  • Reply faye huntington

    how warm and friendly everyon is, the colours, the cosiness, being with my family, the velvet and sparkly clothing, the good food and overall the CHRISTMAS CHEER πŸ™‚ with love, faye xx


    I love the spending time with the family, playing games, eating, the movies, the soaps – I could go on!

  • Reply Robyn Logan Clarke

    The preparation and all the crafting I get to do leading up to the day

  • Reply Valerie B

    I love the way everyday life grinds to a halt and all we have to do is eat, drink and have fun with the family!

  • Reply Thomas Perry

    My fave thing about Christams is my moms christmas dinner its gorgeous and I love all the family coming together to eat wonderful food

  • Reply Joanne Blunt

    Seeing my children so excited. They make all the stress worthwhile.

  • Reply Diana Semionova

    Giving presents :}

  • Reply Rachael Marsden

    The lead up to the day, wrapping presents, xmas music and seeing my little boys excited face on xmas morning

  • Reply Alison Turner

    The way the sparkly,twinkly lights brighten up the dark wintry evenings it’s lovely to see as you are travelling around.

  • Reply Eleanor Powell

    the kids excitement – it’s infectious!

  • Reply Ellen Stafford

    I love spending the time with my family πŸ™‚

  • Reply claire crooks

    love the family time and the smiles on the childrens faces when they open the presents.

  • Reply Louise

    Ooo… where to start πŸ™‚
    I guess my favourite part is going to the forest to choose our tree, coming home, putting the Christmas music on & watching the Children decorate it. They’re singing along while happily decorating, it’s the start of the most magical time of the year πŸ˜‰
    A close 2nd is the Baking, I LOVE Christmas Baking!

  • Reply Kelly Hooper

    the decorations

  • Reply louise pearson

    I love my liitle girls face on christmas when she puts out the mince pie and carrot for santa and the reindeers ….. awww such excitement and magic!!!

  • Reply Karen Langridge

    I love so many things, mincepies, happy children, the build up, the music! Christmas is fabulous πŸ™‚ x

  • Reply Jennifer Rhymer

    I love seeing how excited the children are and being with all the family – it is the only time of year that we all get together and it is so precious and special

  • Reply Lorna Peppiatt

    I love the preparation, the hussle and bussle of the shops, and the family all together on Christmas day x

  • Reply Stephanie Whitehouse

    I love filling the house wit family and friends

  • Reply barbara s

    I love this time of year people in general are a lot more pleasant and seem to have the Christmas spirt

  • Reply Leslie Evans

    Seeing my Grandchildren opening their presents

  • Reply Tiffany Oconnell

    Seeing my childrens faces on Christmas morning when they see santa has been

  • Reply Gillian Hutchison

    I love the buildup to Christmas with the shopping, wrapping presents, Christmas films, Christmas stories and the general sense of excitement (especially from the kids)

  • Reply Chantal

    The whole feeling that something just a little bit special is happening!

  • Reply Caitlin Wallis

    My favourite thing has to be the food, I love any excuse to pig out on delicious stuff!

  • Reply laura w

    The whole magic of it πŸ™‚

  • Reply Anna Emslie

    I love all of the family getting together and sitting down and having a good natter with good food. It’s an extra special one for my partner and I this year as I’m expecting our first child in January so it will be our last one before our baby boy joins the hustle and bustle of Christmas family life.

  • Reply Raych Bonness

    I love getting together with family that I don’t see often

  • Reply Natalie Henderson

    I just love the whole magical atmosphere! It is my favourite time of year! πŸ™‚

  • Reply carmel pickering

    everything sights smells and loads of smiles

  • Reply Michelle Hughes

    The togetherness sounds silly but I love how we all gather around it certainly is family time xx

  • Reply Sheri Darby

    having all my children back at home

  • Reply Jennifer Deavall

    Seeing my family’s faces as they open their presents.

  • Reply Nicolette Walker

    I love the whole lead up to christmas.

  • Reply Janine Atkin

    a day off work and good food

  • Reply Karen Foster

    Spending precious time with my family who live miles apart

  • Reply Leigh Larkin

    The unstoppable excitement of all the little people!

  • Reply Caroline Anne Bellamy

    Spending time with my family and eating cheese

  • Reply zoe d

    I love Christmas, just seeing my daughters face on xmas morning opening her presents, love to spoil her at xmas x

  • Reply John Foster

    The food… and the drink of course πŸ˜‰

  • Reply Jayne K

    Mince pies

  • Reply Louise A

    Always brings back lots of lovely memories

  • Reply megan hughes

    love celebrating and relaxing

  • Reply Alison Smith

    Spending time with my family and our annual tacky Christmas present competition πŸ™‚

  • Reply Sherry Poppy Owen

    I love waking up Christmas morning and hearing the kids squeals when they find their stockings! πŸ™‚ x

  • Reply Nancy Bradford

    Spending time together as a family.

  • Reply Sarah Ballantyne

    I love having no deadlines or timetables – no-one is rushing off anywhere and we can all relax together as a family and just have fun.

  • Reply Peter Callcut

    Being with my Family and not worrying too much the amount of food I eat

  • Reply Rebecca Phillips

    being with my family!

  • Reply Pauline Appleton

    I love the time off work, being with family and Christmas Dinner

  • Reply Naomi Buchan

    Spending lots of time with my family x

  • Reply Emma Lewis

    Decorating the house.

  • Reply Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    Oh its everything! I am known as the crazy Christmas lady by my neighbours as me and the hubby and kids put up our decs on the 1st of November! Its a family tradition! We love the smell of tinsel, watching xmas films, and wrapping pressies, but the BEST thing is my Husband is the local schools Father Christmas at the annual Christmas fayre!! He loves it, and after the fayre we go out for dinner and do some Christmas shopping and its just a lovely day, and the best thing is its tomorrow! So I am so excited! πŸ™‚ xxx

  • Reply Joanne Higgins

    Simply family time xx

  • Reply Donna Gilligan

    Uninterrupted family time

  • Reply Penny Hannibal

    Everyone happy together enjoying the festivities without any worries for the day πŸ™‚

  • Reply Sue Warr

    Christmas Day is my Birthday………I probably like that the best!! And the reason I like that the best is because it’s Christmas Day…..everyone is together, most of us get a break from working, we get presents, we get food, we have a good time watching the telly. With kids this is magnified 10 x !!

  • Reply Gary Topley

    The kids faces when they see their presents x

  • Reply Chris Onion

    I love Christmas in December but not before. Mulled wine is one of may favourite things and just having time to relax and time off work πŸ™‚

  • Reply Charlotte Jones

    I love spending the day at my mum’s with my OH, DD, grandparents and auntie – we have a big family christmas and just love everything about it πŸ™‚

  • Reply cheryl lovell

    I love how happy it makes my son!

  • Reply sarah parker

    spending time with my family πŸ™‚

  • Reply David Jackson

    xmas dinner

  • Reply Jeanette Downing

    I love all the christmas magic and watching my little girl opening her presents i just love it all x

  • Reply Keith

    sherry trifle with every meal


    Love it all decorations the pressies food roll on xmas.

  • Reply natalie holland

    Two things make it great for me – firstly watching the children so excited about their presents and secondly – the food!!! Love any excuse to indulge in good food and wine! πŸ™‚ x

  • Reply Tracey Spencer

    Watching my daughter and my dog open their pressies.

  • Reply claire wilkinson

    im a big kid and love everything about christmas, it all starts tomorrow woohoo. opening advent calendars, decorating room & tree, shopping, baking, parties, seein family, love the kids nativity plays. I even sneak out of bed and wake kids up!!

  • Reply Ally Webb

    I love the smells of Christmas, the pine tree, roast dinner and mince pies.

  • Reply ria anderson

    I love having all my family around me

  • Reply Sarah

    The weather and seeing my family opening gifts!

  • Reply Sarah H

    Lots of family fun & eating lot of yummy food without feeling guilty before my New Year diet starts!

  • Reply Leanne B

    All the family being together enjoying an excess of food & presents.

  • Reply Alison Barker


  • Reply Amanda Gregory

    Having all the family together to watch the wonder on the little one’s faces as they open their presents.

  • Reply Cheryll H

    Spending time with the fam πŸ™‚

  • Reply Joanna Sawka

    presents & familiy time

  • Reply Wendy Tolhurst

    Everything!! I love our four children (now aged between 7 and 18) coming into our bedroom on Christmas morning to open their stockings, seeing their faces when they unwrap the presents they really wanted. However, I also love going to church on Christmas morning, singing some of my favourite carols and sharing Christmas wishes with our church friends and family. Love cooking for my family, and then love chilling out in the afternoon, once washing up is done and the dogs have been walked – best feeling ever!

  • Reply Rennene Hartland

    Spending time with the family, the party’s, the pretty lights and people being in the festive spirit

  • Reply Nick Hopkins

    The music of Cliff Richard

  • Reply michelle bennett

    In short… Everything! I love the smell of food (i do lots of baking around xmas) its colourful, decorations go up and it feels so fill and happy. I do not like the pressure i am put under to buy the things the girls ask for but the looks on their faces when they open their presents is so worth the whole year of budgetting x

  • Reply Kerry Dibble

    A cliche but my girls faces when they open their presents and the Xmas dinner, of course

  • Reply mandy power

    I love everything, from christmas shopping and family trips to winter wonderland in london, to making mince pies on christmas eve and spending the whole holiday with my family. Cant wait πŸ™‚

  • Reply Philip traynor

    Best thing about Christmas is all the food.

  • Reply Jodie Taylor

    i love that everyone is happy

  • Reply Laura Murray

    The twinkly lights – so magical!

  • Reply Charlotte Hoskins

    Getting all the family together and appreciating what you have got

  • Reply Susan Pringle

    Making the kids smile πŸ™‚

  • Reply helen spillett

    all the yummy food!!

  • Reply sue lempkowski

    time with the family

  • Reply Em S

    I really enjoy the break from work and being able to fully dedicate my attention to my family. Chocolates and rich food are a bonus πŸ™‚

  • Reply Bonnie King

    Spending time with family. And getting all snuggled up.

  • Reply Nicola Lynch

    I love the atmosphere and happiness Christmas time can bring in the build up, and then getting to spend precious time with close family over the actual Christmas period. It’s lovely to relax and enjoy.

  • Reply Gill Trott

    Late on Christmas eve, when everything is done, glass of port, cheese board, chillin in front of the fire before the mayhem commences on Christmas morning

  • Reply Val Pownall

    The excitement on the faces of our two llittle girls. The youngest has her very first birthday a few days before Christmas and her big sister a few days after! As a doting Nana all I need is to see their beautiful happy little faces – better than any present!

  • Reply Sam Furniss

    The food!

  • Reply clare d

    i love spending time with family watching films and eating all the christmas goodies! x

  • Reply Kathryn Casbolt

    Gathering the family together and spending time together. Everyone seems to lead such busy lives these days so Christmas is precious ‘family’ time πŸ™‚

  • Reply Heli Lukkarinen

    I love to watch the kids and how their faces light up when Christmas finally arrives!

  • Reply Valerie Kay

    The time off work :p

  • Reply sandra cloud

    the fantastic grub!

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