Welcome To My Blog!

February 24, 2012

I think i should start with a little about myself.

Well, I’m a mother of an amazing 3 year old boy called Luke and now a baby girl called Amelia. My partner (Will) and I have been together since September 2003 so we will be celebrating 9 years this year. We met at a day college and fell madly in love straight away (even at the tender age of 14) I know what your thinking…14 is YOUNG!

Anyway, we got engaged on my 17th Birthday, had our son when we we’re 20 and bought our first home in October 2011. We we’re trying to have another baby but I didn’t think it would happen so fast, our first month trying we conceived and we got our positive on the morning after we moved into our new home. Our little princess was born on June 28th 2012.

Please feel free to follow me. I plan on making a facebook page and sharing all my up’s and down’s plus I will be doing lots of reviews on baby, toddler and mummy products.


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