What’s that? A Clear Whey Isolate?

December 12, 2019

Did you hear the news? My Protein have a new whey isolate and it’s CLEAR! You read that right, a clear, non-milky whey isolate that boasts 20g of protein per serving and has under 90 calories… can I get a hell yeah??

I’ve been test driving the My Protein Clear Whey Isolate, in fact, I’ve finished a whole dang tub of it so please remind me to get more! I had the Rainbow Candy and must say it’s pretty delicious. It also comes in Bitter Lemon, Orange Mango, Peach Tea and Mojito flavours so there is something to suit everyone’s tastebuds.

Being non-milky, It’s a really light and refreshing drink to have after a long and normally pretty sweaty workout. I think it’ll be perfect for summer mixed with some ice. It’s just easy to drink! I’m hoping My Protein adds even more flavours, this stuff is where the future needs to be heading.

You should definitely grab some as it’s currently on offer (saving you £5). Need more convincing? Just head over to My Protein and take a look at all the reviews from their customers who are having a great time loving up on the new Clear Whey Isolate.

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