Why We Chose Cloth Diapers

April 18, 2012

I used to be like many people out there who would never dream of using cloth diapers but after looking into it more and working out the cost of nappies we have bought our son over the years I soon changed my mind.

The fact that Luke got a fair amount of nappy rash when using disposables added to way they don’t seem to be able to handle a full nights worth of wee without going lumpy and starting to fall apart and my main reasons for wanting to cloth diaper this baby. Not to mention how adorable they look and how nice it will be to have a soft nappy against my skin while cuddling my baby instead of the rough Velcro parts you get on disposables.

I know lots of people say they are expensive but If you think about it they arn’t. I admit you need to put down at least £100 – £200 (depending on brand) but that is far less that the thousands you spend over the years buying box after box of disposables. All you will then spend money on is washing them and if you do with with your normal laundry it wont make a penny difference.

They are also much better for the environment – just had to throw that in!

Please respect my opinions, everyone is entitled to their own. Cloth diapering is not a nasty thing but a good one!!

I will let you know how the diapering and washing goes.

Bye for now guys.

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